Angel Number 1122: Here’s What It Means and the Reason Why It’s Appearing Now

Have you been seeing the angel number 1122 recently?

Perhaps it’s showing up in dreams, on receipts or license plates… or maybe you simply happen to check the time at 11:22 each day, without any conscious intention to do so.

Now you’re wondering why this number keeps showing up in your life, and what kind of significance it may have.

In this guide, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

Let’s begin.

What Does Angel Number 1122 Mean?

It’s safe to say that angel number 1122 is a very special combination.

It’s comprised of two master numbers, ’11’ and ’22’, both of which have powerful and important meanings to impart.

The message could be aimed at many different aspects of your life, depending on where your thoughts are focused when these numbers appear to you.

A key aspect of this number is the combination of 11 and 22. The 11 is like a doorway to your higher self, while the 22 represents your ability to manifest your dreams into reality. As such, a core meaning here is a call to get clear with what your higher self truly desires, and to take action toward making that come true.

If this makes sense to you and your path is already heading in the direction you want, then it’s a message of reassurance and support.

If this doesn’t feel true to you, it could be a hint to reflect on what you truly want, and whether you’re heading in the right direction. If not, the 22 is calling you to use your ambition and manifestation energy in new ways.

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A Deeper Angel Number Analysis

It’s useful to investigate each number (and important combinations) individually, to get a deeper sense of the many layered meanings inside an angel number like this one. Let’s take a closer look.


The number 1 symbolizes the self and oneness, and it also relates to a sense of interconnection with all things, like a universal consciousness. But most of all, it represents your individuality, with your ability to co-create your own reality through your intentions.


The number 2 can be seen as representing connection, faith, and harmony with others. There’s a focus on empathy and how you relate to others. If ‘1’ is focused on you as an individual, then ‘2’ is about you in relation to other people.


The number ’11’ is considered a master number due to the pairing of the same number together. This gives it extra power and significance, adding weight and emphasis to their original meanings.

Furthermore, 11 ties in closely with the higher self, like a portal or doorway to the core of your being, where intuition and self-awareness reigns. Positive thoughts and intentions manifest from this space powerfully.


The number ’22’ is another master number, and it represents the master builder or dream maker. It’s a number that represents turning dreams and aspirations into reality. It holds the power to make your desires come true, and the ability to making seemingly implausible achievements and accomplishments manifest into reality.


Looking at the number 112, we start with the strength of the master number ’11’ and its ability to connect with your higher self. The adjacent 2 encourages you to look at how your higher self connects with other people.

It could emphasize how your life purpose may be entwined with your relationships to others, including what you can do for them or what your wishes are toward them.


The 122 number contains the 22 master number which shouldn’t be ignored. It’s the powerful ‘dream maker’ and ‘master builder’ number that represents a connection from your manifestation ability to the outer reality around you.

It reminds you to stay positive and manifest only good things for yourself.

Your ability to manifest outer reality comes with the responsibility of working toward things that are truly good for you, rather than expedient.

Potential Hidden Messages Inside 1122

When we add the numbers of 1122 together, we reach 6.

The number 6 contains many significant meanings in numerology. It speaks primarily to the responsibility of caring for other people, and people who have a 6 as their life path number usually enjoy being of service to other people around them.

They’re the friends who are always available to listen to you when times are difficult… or the partner you can always count on to be there for you. A 6’s ability to offer care and support is one of their greatest strengths – but they can often be their own worst critics and demand too much from themselves.

Symbolic Meanings of Angel Number 1122

What Seeing Angel Number 1122 Means About You

In terms of character, seeing 1122 is likely encouraging you to pay close attention to what your higher self truly needs, and avoid making choices that are expedient at the time but not useful in the long term.

The number 11 is putting you in touch with your natural intuitive abilities, which also relate to your higher self. The 22 focuses on your ability to manifest the outer reality you desire, using the power of your focus and intention to create the life you want.

You’re likely a person who has big ambitions in life and set high standards for yourself to achieve, but this can sometimes put a lot of pressure on yourself. Ultimately, you’ll receive the things you need when you work hard toward making them happen, but you must also give yourself time to achieve them in a reasonable time frame.

The Impact of Angel Number 1122 On Love and Relationships

The number 1122 means good things for love and relationships. It’s showing you have a powerful ability to get things you want, so if you’re looking for a certain kind of relationship or already have one, then you’re able to influence this relationship in positive ways to get the things you need or attract a relationship to you.

But with this power comes responsibility, so it’s important to approach your relationships with the higher self in mind. You’re generally well aligned with love, and you enjoy the closeness of your relationships.

You have a genuine desire to connect with others, but your strong sense of self also means you don’t like to feel controlled or overly influenced by your partner. This may have been an issue in the past, but the lessons you’ve learned mean you’re able to think for yourself without being unduly influenced now.

This means you’re free to create relationships in the way you want, without losing your sense of self. But focusing on the positive will be important, as the powerful manifestation abilities of the master number 22 can turn things negative just as easily as positive.

Choosing your words carefully and paying attention to your impact on others will serve you well in relationships.

How Angel Number 1122 Relates to Aspirations and Career

If you’re seeing the angel number 1122 in relation to your career or money situation, it could mean a change is coming, and your life is in a state of expansion in some form.

As time goes by, you’ve learned to understand what you want and need from a career, and you have the potential to create the outer circumstances you desire. The combination of the ’11’ doorway number and ’22’ manifestation number also suggests you could be at a crossroads, where your intuition may be calling you in a different direction… or perhaps causing you to wonder what an alternative path may have looked like.

The ’22’ suggests you’re able to change course and manifest a new reality if that’s what you truly want, but this would also require you to take action, work hard, and be proactive to make your dreams become reality.

The Spiritual Meanings of Angel Number 1122

There’s rich spiritual meaning inside 1122, and the master numbers 11 and 22 both contain references to mysticism, spirituality, and awakening. There’s also a sense of philanthropy to the number, as the higher self inside you may wish to use your ability to affect the outer world in a way that empowers or helps other people.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Number 1122?

The number 1122 contains several interpretations, and the impact of having two master numbers together shows its potential significance for your life, especially if you’re seeing this number often.

One way to interpret this number is that it’s a call for you to focus on what matters most to your higher self, rather than what’s expedient at the time, and make that come true.

The ’22’ represents your ability to manifest the life you truly want, while the ’11’ encourages you to look deeper within yourself and let your intuition guide you toward the things that are best for you.

When you put 11 and 22 together, there’s a balanced synergy between the doorway to your higher self, and your ability to make your dreams come true. The number is calling you to reflect on what matters, and re-dedicate your efforts toward creating what you really want in life.

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