1144 Angel Number: Numerology Meaning and Symbolism

By Sofia Celestino •  Updated: 04/14/21 •  10 min read

If you’re seeing angel number 1144, it’s time to get excited about the opportunities it may represent.

But it could also be a message about rolling up your sleeves and getting to work… otherwise, the rewards it promises may slip by you.

In this guide, we’ll explore the key meanings this number suggests.

Angel Number 1144 Breakdown


The number 11 is a master number that symbolizes illumination, intuition, and inspiration. It’s made from two 1s, and 1 often represents new beginnings and your sense of self as an individual. But pairing the 1s together taps into a powerful illuminating energy that magnifies this element of fresh starts and opening opportunities.

However, it often requires a honed intuition to make the most of these possibilities and see them in time for you to take action. But once you do, you’ll see how bountiful they are when 11 is appearing in your life.


The number 4 is all about focus, organization, and determination… and how tapping into this sense of work ethic can lead to expanding opportunities and the full realization of your gifts and talents. Often, seeing this number is an encouragement to be practical, hard-working, and be persistent in the face of challenges.

What Does Angel Number 1144 Mean?

The meaning of angel number 1144 shows you can unlock something impressive in your life right now, so it’s time to dream big and have plenty of ambition. The path may involve struggle and effort, but you will succeed when you stay focused and persistent.

Angel number 1144 holds a great deal of promise and potential, but you’ll need to work hard and be dedicated if you’re going to make the most of the opportunities it presents to you (similar to angel number 441).

Master number 11 hints at growing possibilities and incredible potential on your life path. It means the future looks bright for you if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and actively embrace these opportunities. Being paired with the number 44 shows that focus, discipline, and organization are needed to walk through these doors of opportunity.

The number shows you have the potential to make your dreams a reality if you work hard toward making them come true. Seeing this number suggests that your path may involve struggle and effort, but it also says that you have the right mixture of traits to ensure your success as long as you don’t give up when things are challenging.

But keep in mind the appearance of this number could also mean you’ve been neglecting these areas, and you may need to reorient yourself in a positive direction.

Your guardian angels want you to tap into the best parts of yourself and embrace the positive energy and new beginnings that exist once you commit yourself to the right path and work toward a bright future.

What Can Angel Number 1144 Mean in Love?

Angel number 1144 may appear when your love life is about to expand in exciting new ways. It might be time to consider opening up your heart and welcoming more affection into your life. You have the potential to fall in love if you’re looking for it, but consider taking a stand against settling for less than your ideal partner.

Also, keep in mind that this number is about new beginnings, so if you’ve been hurt by past relationships or you’re feeling stuck in a rut, this could be a sign that something new is on the horizon.

The appearance of angel number 1144 is a message your angels are bringing you to love if you’re open to it. They want you to embrace the possibility of finding love and being willing to work toward it… instead of pushing away these possibilities and striving only for independence.

By opening yourself to this potential, you may meet your twin flame or create a closer, warmer connection with the people who are already in your life.

Numerology Reveals A Hidden Core Message Inside Angel Number 1144

If we add all the individual numbers together (1 + 1 + 4 + 4) we arrive at 10. Next, we add the 1 + 0, which obviously reduces down to 1.

The number 1 has an important meaning in numerology, and this could be a key hidden message inside the number 1144 itself. 1 represents the individual who’s unique, self-reliant, and isn’t merely trying to ‘fit in with the crowd’. Instead, they like to forge their own path in life and let their individuality guide the way.

They’re often courageous, brave people who are willing to act without needing approval from others, and this makes them very powerful in creative endeavors, or even natural leaders who handle positions of authority well. As such, an interesting meaning within angel number 1144 could be that your sense of individuality and independence are becoming important right now.

Consider your current circumstances and see if makes sense to you. A motivated, hard-working individual is a recipe for success in life… so it means that good things are coming your way, just as long as you stay true to yourself and don’t get too sidetracked by distractions.

7 Reasons Why Angel Number 1144 Appears

# 1: A Message of Inspiration.

Angel number 1144 is an inspirational message that reminds you to ‘think outside the box’. It shows your angels are asking you to work toward something big and make plans for success in the future, as long as you don’t become complacent along the way.

The appearance of this number is a reminder that your positive energies can lead you in the right direction, and perhaps help you to unlock a new chapter in life.

# 2: Take Action in Love.

Angel number 1144 could be an indication that you’re ready to give love a shot if you haven’t been open to the idea before. Expressing your emotions is not always easy, but it’s important especially in intimate relationships, to share your feelings and work toward a mutually fulfilling love story.

But this also means you shouldn’t give in to fear or anxiety about being vulnerable with someone else. If you let your guard down, it could make room for new people to step into your life and capture your heart.

# 3: Find New Opportunities.

Angel number 1144 could be a message to open yourself up to new possibilities and not get stuck in the same pattern of focusing on negative things or negative thoughts. This way, you could make room for positive changes and positive thoughts to come into your life instead.

Consider taking a new job, or starting a side business that you’ve been considering, or taking a chance on a new experience of life. There are many ways you can make room to grow or improve in life, and angel number 1144 may be alerting you that it’s time to take the plunge and do something that’ll give you greater fulfillment and happiness.

# 4: Your Reality Is Becoming More Optimistic.

Angel number 1144 is also interesting to consider because it’s a message that reveals your own personal reality is becoming more optimistic. This could be happening just as a result of you noticing these small changes, or simply by placing attention on all the good things that are already in your life.

Maybe you’ve just been distracted lately. But it’s also important to look at your life and see if you’re content with the results, and whether you’re making progress toward fulfilling a positive purpose in life.

Angel number 1144 is telling you that even though the world might seem challenging right now, there is still reason for hope and optimism — which is something you have complete control over. This is a message that reveals the bigger picture of things: as long as you’re willing to really look at your life and take charge, then happy days can be ahead for you.

# 5: Your Inner Wisdom Is Speaking to You.

Angel number 1144 also has a deeper meaning if you’re willing to look at the more symbolic concepts behind it. The appearance of this number could be a reminder that your inner wisdom and inner voice are speaking to you, telling you that your positive thoughts are leading in a healthy direction, and you’re strongly connected to your higher self.

You also have the potential to connect with your spiritual life more and feel a greater connection with the divine realm. Perhaps some form of spiritual awakening or fresh perspective is nearby, and your guardian angel will guide you via signs and signals if you’re open to noticing them.

# 6: Choose Where You Want to Go in Life.

Angel number 1144 is a reminder that you have the power to choose where you want your life to go.

At first, this might seem obvious and simple — but think about it for just a moment: when is the last time that you really stepped back, took an honest look at your life, and made a deliberate choice to pursue the things that’ll make you happy?

You have the power to be in charge of your happiness. You have the power to decide whether or not you’re going to hold on to negative emotions, thoughts, and patterns of behavior or let them go.

Angel number 1144 wants you to know that if you make the choice to take charge of your life and pursue greater inner peace and happiness, then it’s possible for you to attain this goal.

# 7: You’re Ready to Make Big Changes in Your Life.

Angel number 1144 is a sign that you’re ready to make some big changes – but it could also be your guardian angel’s way of telling you that these changes should be handled with care (so it has some similarity with angel number 59).

This is a message to really take time and think about your life, what steps you need to take next, and which choices you should make. If you feel like there are things in your life that just aren’t working, then it’s important to consider taking a new direction — but this needs to be more than just a simple change of scenery.

Angel number 1144 is telling you that sometimes big changes need to happen within yourself first before you can move forward (and the appearance of angel number 515 may also support this).

What Angel Number 1144 Tells You To Do Next

When angel number 1144 appears in your life, it’s time to take a moment to look at your life and evaluate how you’re doing.

This is why the appearance of this number means that now is the perfect time for you to apply logical and rational thinking to the bigger picture, as well as create solid foundation which ensures a great future.

The 11 shows how self confidence will be key to your life purpose, and you may need to undertake a spiritual path that teaches you self reliance and the power of personal choice to really grow.

Pay attention to the signs that appear to you, especially any repeating numbers or angel numbers that point you in the right direction. It’s possible that new romance may be around the corner, too. So now’s a good time to be aware of twin flames, and the possibility of creating a fresh start or new beginning within your life.

If you’ve had bad luck in the past, know that angel number 1144 wants you to focus on your own goals now, and whether you’re in a committed relationship or not, making major changes could create a new adventure for you… just as long as you’re not afraid of hard work, taking full responsibility, and persisting through difficult moments.

The most important message of 1144 is how positive change is possible, and you can achieve you aims. Ultimately, it’s a high energy number with a special message for anyone who’s ready to hear it.


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