Angel Number 1155: Here’s What It Means… and Why It’s Appearing to You

Have you been seeing 1155 recently? If so, this number may bear great promise and potential for you.

The angel number 1155 holds a powerful master number… and combined with the repeating 5… it’s clear that an important message is contained within.

There are several layers of meaning here, but the message is largely a positive one that could lead to growth and breakthrough if you absorb the lessons it provides.

In this guide, we’re going to explore the key meanings of angel number 1155… and examine what the number asks of you.

With this in mind, let’s begin.

Angel Number Breakdown

First, it’s useful to break the number into its smaller components, so we can discover the many connotations of the number before we approach its core message. Let’s take a look.


The number 11 is an important angel number by itself, and it relates to new beginnings, faith, and illumination.

In numerology, it’s considered a ‘master number’, and it holds great spiritual symbolism for this reason. There are also elements of intuition within this number… and it calls you to pay attention to what your inner guidance is telling you.


The number 1 represents your individuality, while 5 symbolizes change. By seeing these two numbers together, we see that change coming, and it’s something that’ll affect you on an individual level.


Seeing two 5s together enhances the power of the core 5 meaning: change.

It’s a positive message which suggests significant shifts could be on the way… but action will be needed for these changes to materialize to their fullest potential.


Pairing the master number ’11’ with a 5 shows us that your intuition may be involved in the upcoming changes, and you’ll need to pay attention to what your inner wisdom is guiding you toward at this time.

It’s possible a beneficial change is on its way to you, but you’ll need to pay close attention and be aware of the opportunity when it presents itself… as it may not just fall into your lap all by itself.


The number 155 emphasizes the impact of the change (due to the presence of the two 5s), while the 1 symbolizes your individuality. This could mean an important change is likely to occur soon, and you’re going to benefit from this occurrence… although it may come in an unexpected way.

What Does Angel Number 1155 Mean?

There’s an important master number 11 in this angel number, along with a double repetition of 5… which shows this contains a powerful message for anyone who’s seeing 1155.

The 11 talks to your intuition, and how this can be like a doorway to new opportunities.

But you’ll need to check in with yourself and see what opportunities your higher self is guiding you toward.

The repetition of the 5 is pertinent… and it magnifies the impact of the changes that are on the horizon.

Seeing the 5 twice could either mean a big change is coming, or a series of smaller changes are going to stack together and introduce a new paradigm or perspective into your life soon.

These changes are going to be a positive thing for you, so now is the time to dream big and tap into the visionary quality that master number 11 represents.

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Numerology Reveals a Hidden Core Message

Using the principles of numerology, we can uncover a further hidden message inside angel number 1155.

To do so, we add all the numbers together like this:

1 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 12.

Next, we reduce the number into a single digit: 1 + 2 = 3.

This leaves us with the number 3, which holds additional significance in numerology.

The number 3 symbolizes creation and self-expression.

A person on life path 3 is usually a creative individual, and they’ll have a great deal of talent and potential to tap into.

They tend to lift others around them, and they’ll often have the gift of charisma… or the potential to develop it. They also have impressive imagination and intuitive abilities, which is further supported by master number 11.

They’re well-accustomed to change, and it gives new opportunities to flourish in many key aspects of their daily life.

But one of the difficulties they may face in life is staying focused and on task. They can quickly switch from one idea to another as their creative energy flows through them… and it can make it challenging to finish important tasks before getting distracted by something new.

A potential hidden message here is that your inner wisdom and intuition are going to present new possibilities and opportunities for you soon… and making the most of them will require you to focus and prioritize to ensure you get the best results over the long term.

5 Reasons Why You’re Seeing Angel Number 1155

1. Your Intuition Guides You Toward Positive Changes.

Seeing angel number 1155 means you’re in touch with your intuition, and you have every reason to trust and have faith in your abilities. Your inner guidance doesn’t often steer you wrong, and having more self-trust will allow you to cope better with challenges and changes as they arise.

Changes are in your future, and they could pave the way for new, increasing opportunities. These changes could make you doubt yourself at some point… and you may wonder if you can live up to your potential.

But the change will hold great potential for growth, understanding, and insight.

When you’re seeing 1155, it means you’re primed and ready for positive change.

2. Change Is Coming To Your Love Life & Relationships.

In terms of relationships, it’s natural to experiences ups and downs as your relationships evolve and progress.

Sometimes the stability of routine can prove comforting, but at other times, change is needed to reinvigorate and enliven your relationships with others.

When you’re seeing angel number 1155, it could suggest that changes are coming in your relationships, and regardless of whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, these changes hold great promise.

The change could be significant or small, but either way, your intuition, and inner wisdom will guide you in the right direction when you have faith and trust in yourself.

3. Career Changes May Be On The Horizon.

When you’re seeing 1155 in relation to your career or financial situation, it’ll be important to check in with yourself and see where the seed of opportunity lies.

A change in your money situation may be sought after at this time, but you must let your inner guidance show you the way.

Career-wise, it could suggest that a change is required, which could come in the form of a promotion, new work responsibilities, or a breakthrough that has a positive impact on you.

4. You’re Ready To Enter A Manifestation Cycle.

The spiritual meaning of 1155 comes from the inspirational power of the master number 11 in combination with the 55, which suggests change and transformation.

There’s an ever-flowing cycle of expansion and contraction operating within the universe, and this creates impermanence and manifestation throughout our lives.

Ultimately, the only certainty is change… and the number 1155 alerts you to the potential for both gain and loss when change is upon us.

But the way this message is interpreted will have a big impact on its effect, which is why self-trust and relying on your inner guidance will be important at this time.

5. You’re Feeling Uncertain And Need Reassurance.

Facing change can create a real sense of uncertainty, and it’s natural to feel worried or fearful of change.

But it’s important to remember that there’s also a seed of renewal within change, and it allows you to shed your old self and grow into something new.

Even the smallest of changes bring your awareness to the ever-present manifestation energy that flows through the universe, and honing your intuition toward the potential rather than the fears will guide you toward the fulfillment of your life path and true destiny.

What To Do When You See Angel Number 1155

When you’re seeing angel number 1155, you’re being asked to trust in your abilities and hone in on what your intuition is telling you.

This inner awareness and self-trust will prepare you for the changes that could be on your horizon.

While these changes can create a feeling of uncertainty and hesitation, checking in with yourself and aligning toward the positive will allow you to make the most out of the changes and opportunities that are coming your way.

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