123 Angel Number: Numerology Meaning and Symbolism

By Sofia Celestino •  Updated: 06/03/21 •  14 min read

If you keep seeing angel number 123… it’s wise to pay attention to what you are doing in that precise moment. Why?

Because doing so will give you some important insight into what the message is telling you. There’s a powerful meaning to angel number 123, and it’s something you don’t want to miss.

In this guide, you’ll what these angel numbers mean, and the reasons why they’re appearing to you now.

Let’s begin.

Angel Number 123 Breakdown


The number 1 represents your individuality and ability to act on your initiative. It also relates to new beginnings and starting over from scratch. Often, this number encourages us to start something new and rely on our talents and perseverance to turn our ambitions into reality.


The number 2 is all about faith, cooperation, and mutual respect with others. There are also elements of finding your true purpose, as well as connection with harmony and finding balance (particularly in your home or work life).


The number 3 represents self-expression, creativity, and expansion. It’s a number that encourages us to take chances with the assurance that we’re already on the right path… and it asks us to use our imagination, set ambitious goals, and maintain an optimistic outlook throughout the journey. Furthermore, the 3 speaks to the presence of the Ascended Masters.

What Does Angel Number 123 Mean?

The meaning of angel number 123 is a multilayered message of progression, faith, and endurance. It shows you’re on the right path now, and you can expect good things to come your way if you stay true to yourself and move forward in your life.

Here’s how it works:

The 1 asks us to stay true to our ambitions, be open to new beginnings, and make sure we’re progressing along our life path toward our ultimate destiny.

The 2 has a strong element of cooperation with others, which shows you’ll need help and support from other people on your journey toward realizing your ambitions.

Finally, the 3 gives the reassurance that you’re on the correct path and you can expect growth, abundance, and expansion from your efforts.

The key meaning of angel number 123 is the theme of progression. These angel numbers are sequential in nature, and their elevating nature mirrors the effect that occurs in your life as you take action toward your dreams.

Just remember, each of these messages from your guardian angels comes to you for a reason. Pay attention to what you’re doing in that moment and it will give you greater insight into how the message of angel number 123 applies directly to your life right now.

Angel Number 123 and Love

It’s always a good idea to look at angel number 123 as an opportunity for personal growth and adventure as you progress toward your goals. But how might this relate to your love life or twin flame relationships?

Remember, 123 is a progressive angel number.

It encourages you to keep moving forward and never give up on your dreams, and in a situation involving romantic relationships, this angel number encourages you to look at the bigger picture.

While this might not mean you’ll find love right away, it does suggest there’s a strong chance for greater partnership and support in your life. This will often happen if you let people into your life and keep the lines of communication open with them!

Remember: Progression is key here. You don’t necessarily need to find a twin flame right now… but you should be open to the possibility of a new relationship as step forward. And if you’ve already met your twin flame, angel number 123 suggests you’ll be strizing forward together as a couple into the future.

The key lesson here is to stay positive and think about the big picture. Your current situation is just another step in the journey of your life, and it’s leading you toward expansion, growth, joy, and happiness.

Angel number 123 suggests we should remain optimistic and follow our hearts moving forward. We may not know exactly what to expect from the future, but we can be sure that a greater sense of love and abundance can arrive when we approach the new beginnings that are waiting for us.

The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 123

Angel number 123 is all about taking a step forward (and letting go of the past).

So it’s a symbol to stay in the present moment and make the most of what’s in front of you. Make a spiritual practice of letting go of any worries or fears, and trust yourself to make the right moves.

This spiritual meaning of angel number 123 is all about being in the moment and letting go of worries. You can’t reverse time or erase mistakes from your past, so there’s no point in dwelling on what might have been. Instead, remain positive and think about the big picture of your future and where you’re heading.

While it might not be easy to move on from what happened yesterday, last year, or ten years ago… you can still choose to take action toward your future. And you can still choose to find joy and peace of mind.

The final meaning of angel number 123 is all about taking control of your own future. It suggests we should think about our goals and destiny, and try as hard as we can to achieve those dreams. You’ll need to rely on other people at times… but ultimately, nobody can make real progress on your behalf. It’s up to you to take the lead and make things happen.

What Numerology Reveals About Angel Number 123

By using the principles of numerology, it’s possible to uncover another hidden message within angel number 123 that has a secret influence over its meaning.

When we add 1 + 2 + 3 we arrive at 6.

The number 6 has an important meaning in numerology… and it’s associated with people who are willing and eager to take on responsibility and care for others. This means other people rely on them in many ways, and they’ll often be the hub of their family or social circle.

However, these people also put a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect, and they often feel guilty, as if they never do enough to help the people who are important to them. This tendency can invite unnecessary stress into their lives, and they’ll sometimes neglect their own needs in favor of helping others.

As such, a hidden message within angel number 123 may be to use this time for yourself, rather than focus exclusively on other people. Of course, while it’s good to care for others, self-care will also be very important for you at this time.

Ultimately, you need to be able to bring your best self to your relationships, career, and life in general, which means self-care is a necessity, too. Learning to balance giving and receiving is an important lesson for anybody on life path 6.

So remind yourself that you can do more for other people by also looking after yourself, rather than neglecting your own needs in service to others.

The presence of the hidden 6 may also suggest that your ambitions reside in the helping of other people. If so, you’re in good company, but it’s important to find balance within this desire.

The presence of angel number 123 suggests you’re on the right path toward self-discovery, and you can expect great personal and spiritual growth if you continue to channel your ambitions in a balanced way.

10 Reasons Why You’re Seeing Angel Number 123

# 1: Stay Focused on the Present.

One of the most important messages within angel number 123 is to remain focused on the present. When your mind starts to wander, it might travel back in time or forward into the future. You might start thinking about mistakes you’ve made, or begin worrying about what will happen if you try your hand at something new in the future.

You’ll be tempted to think that moving on will only come through dwelling on issues from the past… but that’s not true. Of course, it’s important to reflect on the past to learn from it… but dwelling on mistakes will only serve you if you start planning for your future.

If you look too far into the future or back into the past, it becomes easy to lose perspective and forget what’s important at this moment in time. So don’t let yourself be swayed from this day, and the progress you can start making in the right direction.

# 2: Stay Positive and Trust in the Future.

Another reason why angel number 123 appears is to keep you positive and looking toward the future with optimism. The past may be extremely important, but it’s equally true that dwelling on it won’t help you move forward. The same rule applies to worries about what might happen if things don’t go according to plan… so don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed.

Instead, stay focused on the present and remember that you need to work with what you have right now when planning your future. Everything else is out of your hands for the moment, so concentrating on what you can control is important if you want these things to fall into place in time.

The more positive energy you invest in the present, the more likely it is that good things will occur. Despite any setbacks along the way, trust that things will work out for your good if you continue to put in the effort and remain focused on the new beginnings ahead.

# 3: Accept and Embrace Your Life Journey.

It’s entirely possible that angel number 123 is a reminder for you to accept your past, present, and future. Sometimes it can be difficult to see where things are going or how they’ll work out… but if you continue to trust in the process of life with an open heart, things will fall into place.

It’s okay for there to be times when you don’t know exactly where your path will lead, and understanding these times is important for maintaining positivity. You might feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty of life at times, but it’s also true that this very lack of certainty makes every minute you spend on this planet incredibly special.

# 4: Continue Your Path Towards Personal Growth.

Just as plants need sunlight, water, and soil to grow, so do you need certain things to occur in your life for you to grow. Some of these things include new experiences, learning from past mistakes, surrounding yourself with positive people who will encourage your self-expression, and maintaining focus on what’s important to you at this stage in life.

There are many reasons why your guardian angels reveal angel number 123 to you, but one of the most significant is that you’re continuing to grow toward the person you want to be.

But what truly matters is that you understand what you want from your journey and begin making the necessary changes to ensure it becomes a reality. Put yourself on the path to your goals, and allow these angel numbers to inspire you towards the greatest possible version of yourself.

# 5: A Sign of Determination and Responsibility.

When you persevere in the face of opposition or adversity, it’s a sign that things will get better for you (even if they don’t seem that way at the time).

It’s important to remember that everything you do is for a reason, and even if things aren’t working out quite as expected right now, they will in the future. But until then it’s okay to be patient… as long as you don’t forget to keep making progress toward your goals and dreams.

# 6: Take Control and Make Things Happen.

When you’re seeing angel number 123, it’s likely you’re feeling as though certain things in your life aren’t quite happening as you’d like them to yet. Even if things aren’t currently working out the way you want, don’t let your desire for immediate change take away from your ability to be patient and take positive action in the meantime.

The latter point is particularly significant because even if it doesn’t seem like much is changing, you’ll still benefit by investing in yourself and your future.

This could mean spending time with positive friends who will offer support, learning new skills that can help you get ahead, or simply doing something nice for someone else. All of these things will benefit you in the long run if they’re making a true difference in your life.

# 7: Gain Clarity Over Your Goals and Ambitions.

Angel number 123 may be appearing as a sign to gain clarity over your goals and ambitions. What is it exactly that you want from life, and what are the changes you need to make in order to obtain what you truly desire?

Despite these big questions, it’s okay not to have all the answers… But knowing where to start is a great place to begin, and you may find that taking one small step toward your goals each day will eventually help you discover what matters most to you.

# 8: Surround Yourself With Positive Energy.

Angel number 123 frequently appears when it’s time to be proactive and surround yourself with positive energy. This is important because when negativity enters your life, it can affect all areas of your existence including work, love, health, money, and emotional wellbeing.

So be proactive about cutting out this negative energy wherever possible or minimizing its effect on your individual circumstances. Embrace the positive…  and look for ways to spread this energy among your friends, family, and colleagues.

# 9: Let Your Life’s Purpose Shine Through.

Your life’s purpose is a powerful force in your life, and when you let this shine through it becomes a guiding light that will guide you to new heights.

When you’re letting your life’s purpose shine through, angel number 123 often appears as a sign that the universe (and your guardian angels) are looking out for you and want only the best for your future. Be sure to let this energy guide you in all that you do, and recognize its impact on your circumstances.

# 10: Appreciate What You Already Have.

When angel number 123 has appeared to you, it’s often important to take time out of your day to appreciate what you already have in life. Life can be difficult at times, but you should always remain positive and hold onto the things that are important to you most.

Be grateful for your close friends, family members, or loved ones, as well as everything else that’s already present in your life…  which is likely more than enough to fulfill your needs and make your life a happy one.

Even if things aren’t exactly as you’d like them to be, you can still wake up every morning with a positive outlook knowing that everything will work out in the end. Be patient and remain focused on the future…  as angel number 123 frequently appears as a sign that you’re on the path to success.

What To Do When You See Angel Number 123

The message behind angel number 123 is a positive and reassuring one. It asks you to take action… and this could mean setting goals, being ambitious, and stepping out into the world with determination and purpose.

But even if these steps seem daunting, you can feel reassured by the supportive element of the message, which suggests actions taken at this time will deliver positive results. And you’ll certainly learn important lessons from these experiences that will nurture your growth over the long term.

The progressive element of angel number 123 cannot be ignored (along with angel number 1123), and the journey doesn’t begin at all until you take that first step. Nobody can take this step for you. So it’s down to you to take action, instead of waiting any longer – and remember your guardian angels are with you throughout your spiritual journey.

You’re also being reminded that you have everything within yourself to succeed. There’s no need to wait around for external forces to make things happen because angel number 123 reflects your own capabilities and self-belief.

This is the perfect time to take action, especially if you’ve been asking “what next?” or feeling confused about the next step in your life journey.

So take action, no matter how small.

You’ll soon see that a beautiful life can be achieved by taking just one step at a time. And when you finally achieve your wildest dreams…  you’ll recognize the deep truths symbolized by this message from your guardian angels.


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Sofia is an astrologist/numerologist who uses these ancient practices to help people discover their deepest potential. Her work focuses on personal growth and self-actualization. She also provides guidance for careers, relationships, and finding purpose.

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