144 Angel Number: Numerology Meaning and Symbolism

By Sofia Celestino •  Updated: 06/03/21 •  10 min read

If you’re seeing Angel number 144, it could be a sign of good things to come.

The message contains a clear message that asks you to be proactive and organized… and this may lead to some impressive breakthroughs in key areas of your life. But that’s not all. In this guide, we’ll explore some deeper meanings behind this powerful angel number.

Let’s take a closer look.

Angel Number 144 Breakdown


The number 1 symbolizes your individuality and sense of self, as well as the ability to start fresh and find new beginnings. It’s a positive number of self-reliance and initiative-taking which often serves as a call to action when seen as an angel number.


The vibrational essence of number 4 is all about discipline, focus, and hard work. It symbolizes the determination to continue despite setbacks… and the perseverance to make your ambitions come to life in the real world. It also speaks to taking a practical approach to any difficulties.


The number 44 gives us the same message as the 4 itself, but the significance is increased due to the repetition. Furthermore, if we add 4 + 4 together we reach 8. In numerology, the number 8 is all about manifestation, abundance, and achieving material or personal gains… which hints at the potential reward of your efforts during this time.

What Does Angel Number 144 Mean?

The meaning of angel number 144 is about creating change or growth in your life via discipline, hard work, taking the initiative, and applying effort towards what you want. If you’ve been procrastinating lately, it calls you to re-focus and take action on the things that matter most.

So, this is not a number about sitting around and just waiting for things to happen. Instead, this number encourages productivity and taking proactive steps towards reaching your true potential. Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating lately, or you’re stagnating in your efforts to pursue your dreams?

There’s a strong chance you’re being called to step up your game… and this may be coming from within yourself or via external pressure (which is also similar to elements of angel number 400). Angel number 144 is an extremely positive message and an important spiritual meaning, but only if you are willing to work hard for what you want in life.

This could mean doing whatever needs to get done to improve your circumstances… whether it’s through personal change, taking initiative at work or school, or making some financial changes to improve your situation.

Angel number 144 is a powerful message from the angels to take action and become proactive about what you want in life… and it hints at the possibility of rewards nearby. When you’re seeing angel number 144 everywhere, it’s wise to maintain a positive attitude toward focus and hard work, even if you’re not seeing results instantly.

It’s likely that your guardian angels want you to know that your efforts will pay off soon, and these angel numbers are encouraging you to strive toward your future with positive thoughts and actions (which also pairs with the meanings inside angel number 314).

Numerology Reveals a Hidden Message Inside Angel Number 144

By applying the principles of numerology, we can uncover another hidden meaning of angel number 144.

Specifically, if we add 1 + 4 + 4 we reach 9.

In numerology, the number 9 is associated with generosity, kindness, and compassion… especially when it comes to helping other people who are important to you.

There’s also a creative energy in the 9, and people with this life path frequently have creative or artistic abilities, making them versatile and adaptable. The number 9 life path indicates enhanced self-awareness, and this allows the 9 to better understand the experience of other people as well… making them very accepting, non-judgemental people.

But they can be influenced by their fiery emotions as well. They’re capable of being the harshest of critics at times, and often this criticism is aimed toward themselves. With this in mind, it’s possible you’ve been beating yourself up for a lack of discipline in some area of your life.

Regardless of whether this is about your relationships, health, or career… there may be some element of your life that needs some extra care and attention in order to realize its full potential. One way to find the discipline you seek is to consider the interconnectedness of your actions… and how other people will benefit from you bringing your best self to the situation.

Angel number 144 represents a very supportive message from your guardian angel, as they want the best for you and know that discipline is necessary in order to become who you really are. So trust your inner wisdom at this time, and know the angels want you to succeed throughout any challenges of face… but especially if you’re coming up against procrastination or avoidance of something you know you should be working hard at.

7 Reasons Why You’re Seeing Angel Number 144

# 1. You’ve Been Procrastinating Lately.

One of the key messages within angel number 144 is the need for work ethic and proactivity when it comes to manifesting your dreams and ambitions. (Which also speaks to the nature of angel number 1141 as well).

Often, we can be our own worst enemies in this regard… and we slack off the projects we want to invest our time in and instead choose the easier route, at least in the short term, only to feel guilty about our lack of commitment later. If you’re seeing number 144, it may be a call for you to add more structure and organization to your life, so you can achieve the things that really matter to you.

# 2. Make Time for Others.

Another potential message of 144 is the need to balance your home and work life, particularly if your relationships have been neglected recently. This can include friends and family, as well as a significant other.

The importance of the hidden 9 comes into play here… as it suggests you’ll find rejuvenation and fulfillment by helping others when you can. Working towards realizing your ambitions can mean restrictions are placed on your time… but finding a schedule that works for you will help to restore some balance. It will also draw you closer to your twin flame at this time.

# 3. Take the Initiative.

The number ‘1’ within 144 asks you to make a fresh start and take the initiative in situations over the coming days and weeks, and this may apply to either your work or relationships. By looking for opportunities to take initiative, you’ll increase the chances of getting what you want during this time, rather than passively waiting for it to come to you.

Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities regarding your career or work situation especially, as taking the first step here may lead to better rewards later on down the line. Your guardian angels may guide you toward these opportunities in your professional life at this time, but it’ll be up to you to seize them. The same message also applies to meeting or deepening the connection with your twin flame.

# 4. Look for Ways To Improve Your Efficiency.

A key meaning within angel number 144 is resourcefulness, efficiency, and making the most from what you have. Conserving your energy at the right time, only to be more productive later, may help you improve some areas of your life right now.

This could apply to your work situation, but also to relationships. For example, it may be wise to wait and not say something at the wrong time. Instead, wait for the right moment, and you’ll achieve better results.

# 5. Create a Solid Foundation First.

Another important meaning of the 4s with an Angel number 144 is stability and foundations (which matches with some elements of angel number 41 as well). This can apply to practically any endeavor… so if you’re getting lost or confused with something you’re working on, go back to basics and ensure the foundations are stable.

With the basic foundations in place, the thing you’re focused on will become easier over time… but without this rock-steady foundation… it may simply fall apart later on.

In this sense, angel number 144 is a reminder to make sure you take care of the small things in order to get the best results. This need for solid foundations may also apply to relationships, particularly if there’s any negative energy lingering from past disagreements. By creating a foundation and establishing mutual trust, you may find extra time occurring in your life, as your thoughts and emotions are less clouded by uncomfortable distractions.

# 6. Follow Through With Your Promises.

Angel number 144 also asks you to take a long-term view and fulfill your promises with other people over the coming weeks and months… especially if it’s related to your home or relationships.

The context of the number 144 is all about making a fresh start and taking action, but it’s important that you follow through with something if you’ve promised to do so (which is represented by the integrity and stability of the 4s). Don’t make promises that you can’t keep as it may quickly become a bad habit that diminishes your relationships. Instead, remain aware of how your commitments may affect your personal life or home situation.

# 7. Be Responsible and Make Amends.

As the 9 is so prominent within angel number 144, it’s important to look at what you can learn from this… and one of those things maybe that you need to take responsibility for something that has gone wrong recently.

You may not have intentionally done anything wrong, but perhaps you’re still feeling guilty about something. This may be something very subtle, perhaps guilt over ignoring someone or not showing up when you said you would.

If so, look to make amends and resolve the situation as soon as possible to avoid making matters worse, and for your own peace of mind. Angel number 144 asks for responsibility and resolution to any issues that come up during this time, and by doing so, you may unlock a deeper meaning or connection in your relationships, too.

What Angel Number 144 Is Telling You To Do Next

If you keep seeing angel number 144, this may be a signal for you to take action and make some changes in your life.

Remember to take the initiative.

Whether it’s at work or in relationships, don’t wait around and hope that something comes along.

Instead, be proactive and take the first step.

Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities that will further your career or work situation, as these are likely to pay off later on if you take advantage of them now. Don’t forget to be responsible, too. If something comes up during this time, deal with it quickly… so you can move forward and not become overwhelmed with the problems of the past.

Having angel number 144 appear in your life is a blessing in disguise. It’s a sign that fortune and opportunity may come knocking at your door, but only if you’re prepared to take the first step. It’s a number that speaks to the rewards of honesty, discipline, and forthrightness… while the hidden 9 reveals the power of forgiveness and generosity.

As such, it’s a time to take the lessons you’ve learned from your past and apply them consistently in your relationships. If there are issues between yourself and loved ones, now’s the time to work through these problems… because luck may be on your side during this period.

Remember that with angel number 144, it’s always best to do what you know is right. This may be tough to do at times, but often this is the only way forward, and your guardian angel is supporting you along this journey.


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