213 Angel Number: Numerology Meaning and Symbolism

By Sofia Celestino •  Updated: 11/20/21 •  8 min read

When angel number 213 shows up in your day-to-day life, you can expect an important message is waiting for you.

In this guide, we’re going to explore the key meanings of angel number 213, as well as the reasons why it’s likely to appear.

Let’s begin.

Angel Number 213 Breakdown


The number 2 speaks to balance, harmony, and equality.

It signifies teamwork and sharing of responsibilities – because one person can’t do everything alone. The 2 is reserved, diplomatic, and fair-minded, and it may also represent feelings of compassion.


The number 1 represents the self, ego, and the will to progress, achieve and take action.

The number 1 can sometimes denote leadership skills, as well as ambition, drive, and new beginnings. Clarity of mind is another important trait associated with this number, as well as positive energies and developing a positive attitude.


The number 3 is the number of creation, expansion, growth, and moving forward. When channeled in a positive way, it can refer to artistic talent and imagination. The number 3 is also linked with social skills and the ability to get along well with others.

What Does Angel Number 213 Mean?

The meaning of angel number 213 is a message of encouragement and support. It speaks to balance and harmony as the foundation for striving forward, and having the ambition (and imagination) to achieve success in the ways that matter most to you at this time.

Ultimately, angel number 213 is a combination of the three numbers it’s comprised of. In order to reveal the true meaning of this number, you need to draw upon the strengths and attributes of each individual number.

The number 2 shows us where we can apply balance and harmony in our lives. We may be doing too much on our own without any support, and we need to reach out and ask for help. If we’re not willing to do this, we’re likely to become exhausted – yet tiredness isn’t a sign of progress. Angel number 213 asks us to work together as a team, and find people within our circles who can help us achieve our goals.

When the number 1 is paired with number 2, angel number 213 can take on a message of leadership and striving forward in some way. The 1 is ambitious and wants to lead the way, but it needs others around to help it achieve success. If you’re not getting enough support from those around you, ask yourself where you may have gone wrong – are you being too self-centered? Are you failing to make the effort to build relationships?

The number 3 brings us a message of creativity and imagination. We may be too focused on the everyday world around us – work, school, family, bills – and we need a better outlet for our creative energy in the near future. This could be taking up a creative hobby at home, going out with friends to have fun, or joining a club to meet new people.

Ultimately, angel number 213 is an angelic sign of encouragement and support. When we see this angel number, we need to find ways in which we can apply balance and cooperation within our lives. We need time for self-care, and to get our creative juices flowing again. If we can do this, we’ll find ourselves in a much happier and healthier state of mind.

What Numerology Reveals About Angel Number 213

By using the principles of numerology, we can uncover an additional secret meaning inside angel number 213.

Specifically, when we add 2 + 1 + 3 we arrive at 6.

In numerology, the number 6 is all about love, relationships, and harmony within the home. It speaks to family and partnership – romantic relationships and friendships alike.

So what’s the hidden message here?

Perhaps when we see angel number 213 in our lives, we should be thinking about how we can create a harmonious environment for those around us – whether it’s our friends or our family.

Are we giving other people what they need?

Are we being a good friend or partner?

By taking time out of our busy schedules to create harmony, we’ll find that our own lives are improved in the process as well, giving us a fulfilling future and growing our inner wisdom. Furthermore, the number 6 speaks to the individual’s ability to take care of themselves. If we’re spread too thin by trying to take care of everyone else, we won’t have much time left over for ourselves.

Therefore, when we see angel number 213 in our life, we might need to ask ourselves: Is it time I took better care of myself?

6 Reasons Why You’re Seeing Angel Number 213

# 1: Stop Trying To Do Everything Alone.

The number 2 is a powerful indication that you may be trying to shoulder too much responsibility on your own. You need to ask for help and allow others around you the opportunity to contribute as well, and your guardian angels are reminding you to pay attention here.

If this is not something you’re willing to do, it’s likely that you’ll start feeling exhausted very soon – and tiredness will only slow down your progress. So rethink your strategy and start allowing others to help you. You’ll soon discover how much more enjoyable it can be when you’re working as a team.

# 2: Take Better Care of Yourself.

When the number 3 is present in a situation, it usually means that we have an opportunity before us – but only if we’re willing to put some work into it. In this case, angel number 213 tells us that we may need to take better care of ourselves first.

If you’ve been neglecting your own needs for some time now, you’re likely to feel drained. You may be pushing yourself too hard and responding poorly to challenges that come your way. By taking the time to look after yourself first, you’ll discover that balance in all areas of life is easier than ever before, and any rocky period or bad luck will diminish as you start to take positive action in your world.

# 3: Allow Others to Help You.

The number 2 is all about cooperation and teamwork – while the 3 is a number of communication and positivity. When we see this angel number, we should be looking for opportunities where others can help us out – and it may even be possible that we could offer our services as well. This potential is made even stronger due to the hidden 6.

By understanding how to create a more harmonious environment, we can make life easier for others, and they’ll be able to support us too. Share what you have with those around you – and you’ll find it both liberating and empowering.

# 4: Re-evaluate Your Priorities.

Because the number 2 is all about coming together and working towards mutual goals, it implies that we may need to re-evaluate our priorities. It may be that we’re letting things get in the way of what matters most – and this could even include our relationships with other people.

The 1 speaks to self-directed behavior in your own life and acknowledging our own needs, so it’s imperative that we don’t neglect ourselves. The good news is that if we’re able to do this, we’ll find that our relationships benefit as a result. It’s at times of self-reflection and growth that we discover the best version of ourselves.

# 5: Address Communication Issues.

Angel number 213 often appears before situations requiring diplomacy or when there are communication issues, and there are similar meanings inside angel number 212 as well.. When we’re having problems with another person, it’s easy to get wrapped up in our own opinions and emotions – but this isn’t constructive.

The number is all about seeing things from another perspective – which can be achieved if we take the time to listen before jumping to conclusions. This will ensure that you communicate effectively and helps you avoid misunderstandings that could otherwise escalate into conflict.

# 6: Build Stronger Bonds with Others.

When we see angel number 213, it’s often an indication that our relationships are about to improve in some way. The key is to use this time constructively so you can enhance your connections and build stronger bonds with those around you.

The presence of the hidden 6 tells us that we need to be more patient, as it may take some time for this angel number to fully materialize. This shouldn’t come as a surprise when we remember that the 2 is all about cooperation and teamwork – and these things can’t happen overnight!

What To Do When You See Angel Number 213

It’s important to remember that your guardian angels are here with you, guiding and protecting you in life. While angel numbers can give you a heads up about what is coming in the future, it’s up to you to act upon this information.

This means that it’s up to you to respond appropriately to the signs and notice when angel numbers appear in your life. When you’re able to do this, you’ll find that your guardian angels are always working on your behalf – making things easier for you.

If you feel as though the presence of angel number 213 has life-changing potential, you should take the time to think about what is happening in your life right now.

What is happening around you?

Who is in your life right now, and how do they affect you?

Take the time to consider these questions, and don’t be afraid to make any necessary changes. It may be that the more positive influences in your life will help you to improve your circumstances. If not, then at least you can be grateful that your guardian angels are looking out for you.


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