315 Angel Number: Numerology Meaning and Symbolism

By Sofia Celestino •  Updated: 12/29/21 •  7 min read

If angel number 315 has started to appear in your life, then it has an important message for you.

In this guide, we’re going to examine the key meaning of angel number 315, along with the main reasons why it’s started to appear at this time.

Let’s begin.

Angel Number 315 Breakdown


The number 3 is a powerful number that represents the principles of creativity, expression, and joy. It also represents the Ascended Masters and their presence in your life at this time.


The number 1 is the number of ambition, self-expression, and action. It encourages you to take positive steps towards your new vision for your life.


The number 5 resonates with change and transformation, combined with the powerful energies of freedom, passion, and adventure.

What Does Angel Number 315 Mean?

The meaning of angel number 315 is your life is about to change for the better. But now isn’t the time to make long-term plans. Instead, you can tap into the innate creative energy of the universe and explore all of your possibilities first.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your life for some time, then it’s likely that angel number 315 is inviting you to spark new hope in your life. Although this may initially feel uncomfortable or even scary, if you can embrace the exciting possibilities offered by this powerful angel number then you’ll soon see the positive changes that are waiting ahead of you.

Furthermore, angel number 315 is a message that you can achieve your dreams and desires (which also plays into angel number 1141). But this doesn’t mean achieving them in the way you expect… instead, it’s about allowing yourself to be open to new opportunities, people, and possibilities that could make all the difference.

In other words, don’t immediately dismiss any new people or experiences that you’re invited to engage with during this time. Instead, allow yourself to be open to new opportunities, connections, and relationships which could bring much-needed change into your life. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should put off important tasks or responsibilities if they require immediate attention.

Instead, simply allow yourself the freedom to explore new ways of living and working… so you can make changes in the long-term that not only improve your life but also help you to progress further along your spiritual journey.

What Numerology Reveals About Angel Number 315

The hidden meaning inside angel number 315 revealed by numerology highlights an important and significant secret message inside.

When we add 3 + 1 + 5 we arrive at 9.

In numerology, the 9 speaks to us about generosity, kindness, and completion. Its presence in your life is asking you to allow yourself time and space to be generous with your time, affection, energy, love, and money.

What this means for you is that it’s important during these exciting times ahead of you that you give freely without thinking too much about the small things. The more generous you are with your resources, time, energy, affection, and love, the more these things will be returned to you.

As angel number 315 is a positive message of change for your life, it’s vital that you allow generosity to flow without too much self-absorption. You must be generous with your love, not just in terms of what you receive back but also what you give out to the world around you.

If you’ve been feeling shut off from the world recently, then angel number 315 is asking for you to open up once more and allow yourself to connect with others. This doesn’t mean allowing others to control you, but it does mean loosening any self-defeating thoughts that aren’t truly helping you in any way.

6 Reasons Why You’re Seeing Angel Number 315

# 1: See the Positive Possibilities That Surround You.

When we see angel number 315 in our lives, it’s usually because we’re being encouraged to acknowledge the positive possibilities that surround us.

However, this isn’t about ignoring problems or issues from the past, but instead about embracing the exciting opportunities that are just around the corner… and embracing our ability to make these things happen through our own effort and will.

So, if you’re asking yourself why angel number 315 is appearing in your life right now, then consider asking yourself “What positive changes could I embrace if I allow myself to be a little more open and positive?”

# 2: You’re Being Encouraged To Loosen Up.

The number 3 speaks to us about having fun, creativity, and spontaneity. If you focus too much on keeping things serious or even negative, then you’re going to struggle to allow positive and exciting things into your life.

When we see angel number 315 repeatedly appearing in our lives, it’s a sign that we need to lighten up and have some fun. If you’re struggling with this at the moment then allow yourself to engage in activities that you know will make you laugh and smile.

# 3: You’re Being Asked To Take A Leap of Faith.

The number 5 is often referred to as an awakening of personal freedom, and it encourages us to keep moving forward on our paths… even when we don’t have all the answers or a clear idea of what’s going to happen next.

Sometimes, angel number 315 is a message that we need to take a leap of faith, and trust that life will guide us in the right direction.

# 4: You’re Being Encouraged To See the Whole Picture.

The number 1 relates to ambition, inspiration, and leadership. When we see the number 1 inside an angel message, it’s often because we need to see things from a new perspective.

In order to do this successfully, it’s important to clear the mind of any negative thoughts, worries, or doubts. This includes getting rid of anything that might be blocking us from seeing the bigger picture.

When we see angel number 315 in our lives, it’s a sign that we need to use this chance to see things from a different point of view.

# 5: You’re Being Encouraged To Love Yourself.

Another repeating theme within these angel numbers is how they encourage us to build up our self-confidence and love ourselves more.

This may not sound like much to you, but if you take a moment to think about how often you’re hard on yourself, then you’ll realize that the world would be a better place if we loved ourselves just a little bit more.

When we see number 315, it’s a sign that we need to take some time to love ourselves just as much as others love us. This doesn’t mean acting selfishly, but instead focusing more on the good things about yourself and allowing yourself to feel worthy of success.

# 6: Let Go of Negativity.

Just as angel number 315 encourages us to love ourselves, it also encourages us to let go of negativity. This can take many forms, including but not limited to anger, jealousy, resentment, insecurity, fear, and greed.

So, if you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts, emotions, or habits right now, then it’s a sign that one of the reasons why you might be seeing angel number 315 is so that you can let go of this negativity.

However, this isn’t about being ‘spiritually pure’ or always acting in a way that’s loving and kind – it’s about allowing yourself to be human and feel the full range of emotions, but without being controlled or consumed by them.

If you’re finding this difficult, allow yourself to embrace those feelings and acknowledge that it’s possible for all those negative thoughts to pass through your mind without turning into something destructive.

What To Do When You See Angel Number 315

If angel number 315 is appearing to you, then it’s time to allow yourself to open up and embrace the positive possibilities that surround you. As well as this, it’s important for us to see things from a different perspective, be more confident in who we are, and love ourselves more than anything else.

When you’ve allowed these changes to take place in your life, then angel number 315 will have served its purpose.

In the meantime, continue to pay attention to your intuitive thoughts and feelings because these can often provide you with a lot of guidance. Finally, know that your guardian angels want to help you and they’re always looking out for you.


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