33 Angel Number: Numerology Meaning and Symbolism

By Sofia Celestino •  Updated: 02/20/23 •  13 min read

Are you seeing Angel Number 33 frequently in your life? If so, it could be a sign from the divine realm that something important is at play. But what does it mean?

Angel number 33 is a powerful master number and an omen of upcoming positive changes in your life and relationships. It resonates with the energy of growth, expansion, and abundance. It’s also a call to cleanse your mind of negative vibes and open yourself to spiritual guidance and divine knowledge.

However, there’s much more behind the message of 33.

So, if you’re curious to learn more about the meaning and symbolism of angel number 33, read on for a deep dive into this powerful numerology number.

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    33 Angel Number Meaning 

    The 33 angel number is a powerful omen of potential and possibility.

    Primarily, it resonates with the energies of:

    Yet it’s also a reminder to let go of any negative vibes that hold you back from achieving your fullest potential.

    But what does seeing this number repeating itself in various situations throughout your daily life mean?

    Connecting with the Divine

    The angel number 33 is often seen as a good sign that divine forces in your life are guiding you. As such, it can invite us to connect more deeply with source energy and strengthen ties with higher powers.

    The more we open ourselves up to guidance from our guardian angels and the Ascended Masters, the more growth opportunities will become available on our paths.

    Fostering Positive Relationships

    When we come across angel number 33, it can indicate that positive changes are coming into our lives or relationships – especially those involving collaboration or balance between two people or different energy sources.

    Fundamentally, it’s a sign that you’re heading in the right direction and positive things lie in wait.

    Not only should we expect good things to start happening soon, but we should also take the initiative to foster healthy relationships through conscious effort and self-reflection.

    Unleashing Your Abundance Potential

    The vibration associated with the angel number 33 carries within it abundance – both physically and spiritually – waiting for us to unlock it.

    When this number first appears in your life, pay attention. It could be an invitation from the universe inviting you to make something happen in your life.

    It could be anything from a job promotion, an unexpected business opportunity, or even a chance meeting at the right time with the right person who can help take your career/business/life dreams where you want them to go.

    Either way, there’s no denying that 33 is a lucky number, and an auspicious sign when it appears to you.

    What’s Significant About the Number 33?

    Not only is 33 the sum of two master numbers 11 and 22, but it can also be seen as a reminder to strive for greater heights in our personal life – whatever that may mean for us.

    Some also see 33 as a call to become an example for others and act as a beacon of light in the world – connecting people through positive vibes, helping them find their true purpose, and manifesting abundance to live happier lives.

    There are 3 core reasons why this number is significant:

    33 is considered a “master” number: It possesses an energy all of its own – one with a deep spiritual meaning. Some may call it the “Master Teacher” number, symbolizing knowledge, guidance, and the divine.

    It resonates with growth: Angel number 33 represents the power of spiritual development and personal expansion. It encourages us to let go of past mistakes or limiting beliefs, and create new opportunities for ourselves by embracing change and maintaining a positive attitude.

    It brings divine knowledge: As a sign of openness to new possibilities, this angel number beckons us to let go of negative vibrations and replace them with wisdom from the divine realm. By connecting with its energy, we unlock access to potent guidance and insight from above.

    Angel Number 33 and Love

    Angel number 33 is a potent symbol representing love, relationships, and personal growth. Yet when you encounter the number 33, it could be a sign of spiritual guidance to help make great changes in your life, especially concerning matters of the heart.

    The vibrational energy associated with angel number 33 is one of expansion and abundance. This means it’s a great time to open yourself to all sorts of possibilities regarding your romantic relationships.

    For example, it could signify a need to deepen existing bonds or take a chance on something new. The most important thing is to get in touch with your inner wisdom, and trust what feels right for you.

    This omen also suggests that you should focus on letting go of negative thoughts and replacing them with more constructive thinking. Letting go of old hurts can allow you to create strong, meaningful connections with someone special.

    Finally, angel number 33 suggests that faith can be critical in helping you succeed in your love life.

    Often, we find ourselves too caught up in trying to control the outcome; yet this number serves as a reminder that if you trust in divine knowledge and spiritual guidance, wonderful things may happen.

    Angel Number 33 and Twin Flames

    It’s no coincidence that angel number 33 is associated with having a twin flame relationship in your life. This highly spiritual connection between two individuals often occurs when both parties have reached a heightened level of spiritual awareness.

    Twin flame relationships are not always easy, but they offer genuine and profound growth opportunities. Angel number 33 reminds you that this intense connection can be incredibly fulfilling and inspiring if you’re willing to put in the effort.

    The energy associated with angel number 33 encourages us to tap into our inner wisdom and trust in divine knowledge. This heightened sense of understanding can help us overcome any bumps along the road during a twin flame journey, and with good communication skills, ultimately enhance the connection.

    Moreover, the 33 angel number sequence reminds us to:

    These are essential steps towards embracing our spiritual potential, and manifesting unconditional love in our lives.

    Angel Number 33 and Your Career

    When it comes to your career, angel number 33 is symbol of growth, abundance and opportunity. It encourages you to break away from limiting beliefs and embrace new possibilities that can lead to greater success.

    The vibrational energy associated with this number is incredibly powerful, representing a higher level of understanding and spiritual knowledge. This insight can help you make decisions that promote personal and professional growth and financial success.

    Letting go of fear-based thinking and negative emotions are crucial to achieving your career goals.

    Angel number 33 reminds us to focus on what we can control – our thoughts, emotions, and actions – rather than worrying about the future.

    By embracing the energy of angel number 33, we open ourselves up to an abundance of opportunities that, in the near future, may just be the key to achieving our goals and manifesting our dreams.

    Angel Number 33 and Your Future

    Angel number 33 is a powerful message from the angels, signifying the power of divine guidance and protection in your life.

    So when you keep seeing this angel number, it suggests that your future is looking bright, and you should expect positive changes and opportunities to come your way.

    Unprecedented Growth and Expansion

    When angel number 33 appears, it signifies accelerated growth and expansion in all areas of your life. The change may be gradual, but it will eventually lead to greater success and personal fulfillment.

    This is when you can expect positive events to occur in quick succession – taking your life in the direction you desire.

    As such, it’s also an excellent time to:

    Positive Abundance and Self-Sufficiency

    Seeing the angel number 33 indicates an influx of positive energy into your life, bringing abundance and self-sufficiency in many forms.

    Whether it’s financial prosperity or newfound inner strength – remaining open to this energy can help bring about long-lasting stability and joy due to your hard work.

    A Nurturing Source of Support

    The spiritual realm sends unmistakable signs with angel number 33, letting you know you’re supported on your spiritual journey.

    If times get rough, remember this sign as a reminder of their love for you – then take a deep breath, knowing that with their help, nothing is impossible.

    Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 33 

    Angel number 33 is a powerful sign from the angels, indicating your spiritual growth and journey is taking flight – and with it, you may expect a burst of spiritual enlightenment; a sense of divine intervention that makes certain situations go your way.

    Seeing the angel number 33 signifies a deepening connection with your higher power – allowing you to access newfound insight and wisdom through the universe’s guidance. As such, remain open to any messages they may send you as they help lead you toward your divine destiny.

    Angel number 33 holds great power in bringing forth positive resonance in all areas of your life. Seeing this number often invites attention to what’s already abundant around you and attracts even more blessings with its positive energy.

    When angel number 33 appears, it brings a refreshing new understanding of spiritual truths and beliefs. There will come moments when this knowledge will overwhelm or challenge you – but remember that embracing these growth opportunities will bring greater clarity on your path toward personal evolution.

    The “Hidden” Angel Number 33 Numerology Meaning 

    Through the numerology reduction method, angel number 33 reduces to a single digit – 6. This number is associated with balance and harmony, indicating the angels support your emotional and spiritual well-being.

    The hidden 6 suggests that the universe provides stability and comfort through its loving presence. This could take many forms – from increased positivity in life events to newfound inner strength. Ultimately, these blessings will come together to restore balance and ease any turbulence you may face.

    Furthermore, this number reinforces that you’re meant to enjoy life just as much as you contribute to it – reminding you of your worth and allowing you to be at peace with yourself and all that surrounds you. So take some time out of your day for self-care and gratitude.

    7 Reasons Why You’re Seeing Angel Number 33

    Seeing angel number 33 could signify that the universe is trying to send you an important message.

    This celestial sign often appears in moments of transformation and growth – offering clarity on your spiritual path and indicating a newfound abundance entering your life. You may be seeing this number for many reasons, so let’s explore what it can mean for you.

    1: Seeking Affirmation for Your Path and Progress

    The Universe is sending you a message with angel number 33, affirming that you’re on the right track with your spiritual journey and progress.

    This could mean you must remain diligent in your inner work and allow yourself to trust and learn from its mysterious guidance.

    2: Reminders To Stay Open To Cosmic Opportunities

    When the angels send you this number, it could be an invitation to open up to opportunities sent from the cosmos.

    Whether in relationships or career choices – stay alert for signs that can help guide you toward fulfilling your true potential.

    3: Experiencing a New Found Sense of Liberation and Freedom

    Angel number 33 often appears as a sign of liberation from situations or beliefs that have held us captive.

    So take this chance to break free from these limiting cycles, allowing yourself to feel lighter in spirit and soul.

    4: Gaining a Greater Perspective on Life’s Purpose and Meaning

    The angels may be prompting you to look beyond the mundane aspects of life – encouraging a deeper exploration into what drives and inspires you on a soul level.

    By opening up to the universe’s wisdom, you may better understand your purpose and how it fits into the grand scheme.

    5: Embarking on an Intuitive Development Journey

    The appearance of angel number 33 indicates a shift towards heightened intuition and psychic awareness, giving us access to new realms of understanding previously hidden away.

    So embrace this new way of perceiving things – paying attention to any gut feelings or inner promptings that appear along the way.

    6: Receiving Divine Guidance in Our Daily Lives

    Angel numbers provide insight into our lives and inspire us to lead them with love and clarity.

    So note any recurring patterns or themes that could indicate divine guidance. You may find it helpful to keep a journal to reflect on any meanings that could point you in the right direction.

    7: Igniting Passion for Self-Discovery and Exploration

    When angel number 33 frequently appears before us, it could denote an exciting new chapter full of self-discovery and exploration.

    Take this opportunity to get curious about yourself – diving deep into what truly matters most within your heart and following through on any creative projects beckoning for your attention.

    What To Do If You Keep Seeing Angel Number 33 

    If you keep seeing angel number 33, take it as a sign that the universe works in your favor. Receive this guidance with openness and trust, allowing yourself to take the plunge and explore the opportunities it brings.

    If you feel confused or overwhelmed, simply ask for clarity and guidance from your angels. By surrendering to the universe’s flow, you may find yourself in a place of growth and transformation.

    Seeing angel number 33 often shows you’re just at the beginning of an ongoing process of growth and expansion. It’s like you’re tapping into the source for answers and guidance… but this can be a lot to take in.

    You may want to start by writing down your thoughts and feelings, because this can help you gain clarity and insight in the process. And this is also a great way to journal your experiences. When uncertain about what to do next, it’s time to ask yourself what your heart desires most.

    Create a vision board that reflects these answers. Let go of whatever’s holding you back. And trust that your angels will guide you when the timing is right.

    When we find ourselves at a crossroads in life, we can feel confused about which path to take, or even if we should take a leap of faith into the unknown. The answer is often right before us, but it can be difficult to see.

    Sometimes we need to step back and reflect on our experiences before gaining the insight that allows us to move forward in life.

    When you’re at a crossroads, your angels want you to know what’s coming next. This is why seeing angel number 33 often suggests that you’re at a pivotal point in your life, and it’s time to take the next step.

    If you don’t know what to do next, ask yourself:

    And even if the path isn’t entirely clear yet, you’re being guided by your angels to take that leap of faith, and relish the growth, expansion, joy, and contentment that awaits you.


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