50 Angel Number: Numerology Meaning and Symbolism

By Sofia Celestino •  Updated: 08/31/21 •  9 min read

Angel number 50 is a powerful symbol of change and growth… and when it’s appearing in your life, it likely has a significant meaning to impart.

In this guide, we’re going to explore the meanings of these important angel numbers, as well as the reasons why they’re showing up in your life now.

Let’s get started.

Angel Number 50 Breakdown


The number 5 represents change, personal freedom, and adventure. Situations may be changing in your life, and you will find a great opportunity for personal growth through these changes. Your life is constantly evolving as you experience different situations and meet new people, and the 5 embraces this wholeheartedly.


The number 0 symbolizes wholeness and unity. This could be in the form of a relationship or a meeting with someone who’s important to you. Furthermore, it can also represent changes, choices, and making decisions that serve your greater goals and happiness.

What Does Angel Number 50 Mean?

The meaning of angel number 50 is a powerful sign of change, both in your life and within yourself. It often means something new is about to appear and change your life in some way. The key message here is to “challenge yourself and grow”.

When you see this number, it often means something new is about to appear in your life… maybe even something that’s quite dramatic or out of the ordinary. This could include moving to a new home, changing jobs or schools, or experiencing other changes in your near future.

Additionally, this number encourages you to embrace these changes. It has an uplifting energy that says “challenge yourself and grow.” The number 50 often appears when you’re going through a transitional phase in your life, or even right before it.

These are times when you’ll be presented with new opportunities for growth. These challenges will require some sort of change, and the process isn’t always easy.

Sometimes it’ll upset your inner balance, and you’ll need to summon the willpower to make healthy lifestyle choices, trust in your own way (instead of listening too much to other people’s opinions), and giving yourself permission to make positive changes. The energy of angel number 50 asks you to approach your life with great passion and great curiosity.

What are you truly capable of when you tap into your self-determination?

What does your heart really desire?

The positive energy of these angel numbers wants you to do something that makes your soul happy. It wants you to show up for your life and engage with it fully, without holding back or allowing fear to hold you back. Because this angel number is about change, it encourages you to go after what you truly desire and make your own decisions about what that might be.

Numerology Reveals A Hidden Message Inside Angel Number 50

When we add the number 5 + 0 together we, of course, are left with 5.

However, this shows another secret meaning within angel number 50… and it further emphasizes the message of the 5 itself.

In numerology, the 5 speaks to the potential of adventure, excitement, and making positive new changes.

There’s a creative power to the message that asks you to develop freely and naturally. This is something that we must embrace, as it will lead us to exciting possibilities and new opportunities. Even though this number encourages change and transformation, it also speaks of being in the right place at the right time.

You might be going through a big shift in your life right now… and it could impact your career, love life, or any other facet of your day-to-day experience. Regardless, angel number 50 is a sign that you’re heading in the right direction. You’ll be able to embrace it, grow from it, and then transition into something incredible on the other side.

7 Reasons Why You’re Seeing Angel Number 50

# 1: Your Guardian Angels Encourage You To Leave Your Comfort Zone.

Angel number 5 is all about motion and action… and it speaks to your ability to go out there, take certain risks, and embrace the changes in store for you. However, your angels want to encourage this even more… so they’re sending angel number 50 as a sign that you’re now entering a time of increased personal growth.

This is often brought about by leaving your comfort zone and allowing yourself to explore new things in the process. You may find yourself exploring new locations… maybe even visiting someplace that’s off the beaten path or has always fascinated you before.

# 2: Personal Freedom Is Important for You Right Now.

Whenever we are going through a period of change, there’s often an underlying sense of excitement. This is because you’re inevitably growing as a person and moving into something new that will allow your life to flow more freely.

This feeling can be amplified by angel number 50, which tells you that the time has come to spread your wings and leave the past behind. After all, wherever you’ve been is not where you’re meant to be now… and it’s time to embrace what your future can bring you.

Angel number 50 encourages you to get out there in the world, take risks, embrace change (even if it’s challenging), and spread your wings while remembering you have the freedom to take your life where you want (making it somewhat similar to angel number 505, too).

# 3: The Time Has Come To Embrace Changes.

You may have been thinking about taking a chance on something new.

This could be anything from taking that leap and starting your own business… to making the decision to switch careers, and follow your heart instead of doing what you think is expected of you. Now is a time where you’ll be able to take some leaps (in all areas of your life), and you’ll be able to embrace the changes that will bring.

You may have been thinking about making some big decisions recently… but angel number 50 is letting you know that it’s time to start taking action, as you’re more than ready for this shift in your life.

# 4: You Need To Keep Moving Forward.

This angel number is asking you to embrace your life and the process of personal evolution. You’ve likely gotten used to certain aspects of your daily routine, but it’s time for you to get out there in the world, move forward with your plans, and continue walking down the path that your higher self has laid out for you.

It’s time to get excited about your life again… and angel number 50 is here to remind you that it’s not just about keeping up with your current responsibilities, but stepping up into something bigger and better along the way.

# 5: You’re Being Encouraged To Make a Big Change.

Angel number 50 is encouraging you to make a big change in your life. It could be something small, or something that will impact everything in your day-to-day experience. Regardless of how you interpret this energy, angel number 50 is letting you know that it’s time to take a deep breath and move toward something new.

This could be a personal transformation… or maybe you’ve just reached a point where you’re ready to grow. It’s a message that not everyone is ready to act on, but the energy within this number reveals that constant striving forward will help you uncover numerous ideas that can help you get ahead in life.

# 6: A Change in Perspective Is Key.

When you’re going through a shift in your life, there’s often an underlying message that tells you to take a step back and assess where you are. This isn’t simply about the circumstances around you or what others are doing… it’s about taking some time to see how far you’ve come.

You may not realize it now… but you’ve actually made some major strides forward, and angel number 50 is letting you know that it’s time to stop and celebrate your personal achievements along the way.

Whether or not this means taking a vacation, enjoying some quiet time alone, or simply looking at the world around you with fresh eyes… it’s time to stop and take notice of all the good that you’ve done. This is especially true if you’re moving into a new career, or making a major life change that will impact everything from your home environment, to your financial situation.

# 7: You’re Ready for a New Adventure.

Now is the time for you to reach into your inner self and pull out some of that creativity that you’ve been waiting to unleash on the world around you. It may seem difficult at first… especially if you’ve gotten used to just “sticking with the status quo.”

But angel number 50 is letting you know that it’s time for a change… and whether this big step means taking your dreams out of the pages of your journal and making them into something more tangible, or simply finding a new hobby that will rejuvenate your soul.

Either way, angel number 50 is waiting for you to make this shift. So don’t be afraid of change, and don’t let the challenges along the way get you down. Instead, take a deep breath, trust yourself, and bring on the excitement.

What To Do Next When You See Angel Number 50

When angel numbers appear in your life, it means your guardian angels are trying to get a specific message across.

Is there something that you’re being encouraged to act on?

Whatever it is, know that your angels are here to support and guide you every step of the way with messages of support from the divine realm. It’s human nature to be scared of change, but the secret influence of angel number 50 inspires positive changes in every aspect of your life. You’ll know that this message means a great deal to you if you’ve been having some strong feelings of change and growth.

Are there ways in which your life could be better?

What would it take for you to want to make the shift?

Angel number 50 is a sign that your guardian angels are trying to get a specific message across. You may be feeling scared of change, but this angelic energy encourages positive changes in every aspect of your life and reminds you not to shy away from it.

Regardless of how you interpret the energies within this number, know that it’s time for you to take action… because you’re more than ready for what will come with embracing personal growth or transformation… whether you realize it yet or not.


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