818 Angel Number: Numerology Meaning and Symbolism

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When you’re seeing angel number 818, it’s wise to take heed of what the angels are telling you.

It’s usually a good sign, and there’s great potential within this number. But there are a few things the divine realm may be telling you, and it’s important that you’re ready to hear them.

If you’re seeing 818, then it’s a good idea to explore what it could mean for you.

Angel Number 818 Breakdown


The number 1 represents yourself as an individual, as well as independence, taking the initiative, and starting something new. It often reflects a sense of ambition and motivation, pushing you toward self-reliance and manifesting new experiences, fulfilling your true potential, and entering a new era of your life.


The number 8 focuses on prosperity and abundance, representing the ability to create and manifest new things into existence. There’s also a material element to the number – it’s closely associated with financial gain and material possessions.

What Does Angel Number 818 Mean?

The meaning of angel number 818 is about the power of abundance in your life, staying focused on what you desire, and making things happen in your world. You’ll be manifesting new experiences and prosperity at great speed during this time, so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities.

Ultimately, the energy within angel number 818 is powerful, and it holds great significance if you’re seeing it regularly. The doubling of the 8 increases the power of the abundance the number symbolizes, and the two 8s surround the 1, which shows your actions are likely to cause a genuine impact around you.

It’s wise to make a list of positive affirmations when you’re seeing this number, as you may greatly benefit from keeping your mind focused on the things you want, and let negative distractions fall away. It’s possible that you’ll be manifesting new experiences and prosperity with great speed at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled for any opportunities that appear shortly after seeing this number.

The number represents how taking the initiative can create prosperity, showing how your actions in the world create change around you. Think of it as cause and effect in action. Maintaining focus on the things you want can help to channel this manifestation energy in the right way.

Numerology Reveals a Hidden Core Message Inside Angel Number 818

There’s another message contained inside the number 818, and we can uncover it using the principles of numerology.

If we add 8 + 1 + 8 we reach 17.

Next, we add 1 + 7 and reach 8.

This shows yet another 8 hidden inside the sum total of angel number 818, and it’s worth investigating what this means.

In numerology, the number 8 is associated with abundance, achievement, and personal power…. and this ties in nicely with the overall message of angel number 818. People with the number 8 as their life path tend to be driven, ambitious, and determined to succeed.

They’re the kind of people who don’t give up too easily when they encounter setbacks. They’re often drawn to the prospect of financial success, and they’re willing to do what it takes to realize their dreams and turn them into reality. However, this ambition can also leave them feeling frustrated at times, especially if they haven’t achieved everything they’re working toward.

They can sometimes slip into self-sabotaging behaviors at this point, and their ability to manifest positive things can have a dark side. They’re likely to become workaholics who struggle to maintain balance in life, as their main focus can consume all of their mental energy… to the point that there’s little left for anyone else.

Often, this can have detrimental effects on their personal relationships.

But there’s still a great power to the 8, and their tenacious, self-motivated nature can be channeled in many positive directions once they’ve developed the necessary self-awareness and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

12 Reasons Why You’re Seeing Angel Number 818

There are a few different reasons why 818 may be appearing in your life right now, and these reasons can touch on your character, relationships, and work situation.

Let’s take a deeper dive.

# 1: Face Challenges and Trust Your Abilities.

Somebody who sees angel number 818 is usually a driven, ambitious individual who wants to improve their success in life. If this doesn’t sound like you, then the message could be calling for you to adopt this approach, at least for a little while, in order to progress and grow along your life path.

There may be a challenge you’re currently dealing with, and you’re being encouraged to stay determined as you approach it. You’re stronger than you realize, and you have hidden depths of potential that you’ve yet to explore. You may have a tendency to worry about your capabilities when you’re facing this challenge, and it’s leading to worry and anxiety at times.

But the number 818 calls you to stay positive and trust in your abilities. If you don’t have a solution to your challenges yet, the message is to stay strong and tenacious, while having faith that you’ll find the right solutions. Remember to keep your positive affirmations nearby whenever you’re doubting yourself.

# 2: Maintain Balance In Your Work And Home Life.

The manifestation and abundant nature of 818 can also impact your relationships, regardless of whether you have a partner or are single. For those in committed relationships, the number calls you to maintain a balance between your work and home life.

It’s possible your goals may be detracting from your relationships at times, and while it’s okay to dedicate yourself to your cause, you’ll still need to balance your life to stay happy and healthy… otherwise, you risk paying a price eventually.

For singles, the number reminds you of the abundant potential that’s in your life right now. You have the freedom to manifest the experiences you want in life, and by taking the initiative and staying proactive, there’s nothing holding you back from creating an invigorating lifestyle that fulfills you.

# 3: Seize Opportunities For Career Growth.

There’s an obvious material connotation to the 818 number… and it may be signaling potential for your career or financial situation. The number 8 holds great manifestation power, and it’s likely guiding you toward growth in your work role.

It could be a sign that a big promotion is on the way, or that you’re ready to take steps toward growing your income in some way. Perhaps there’s a business idea that’s been percolating in your mind recently… and if so… the number is encouraging you to investigate these possibilities closely rather than letting the chance just slip you by.

# 4: You’re Aligned With Cause And Effect.

The spiritual element of 818 aligns closely with karma, hinting that cause and effect is at work in your life right now. It’s showing you that the positive efforts you make now are going to be rewarded in the future, and developing a hardworking, ambitious character will get you what you want, rather than waiting for opportunities to just fall in your lap.

# 5: Grow Your Positive Power And Avoid Negative Energy.

An important message of angel number 818 is your ability to manifest new experiences, and you’re likely channeling these energies strongly right now. As such, it’s important to stay positive and focused, so you bring about the circumstances that you want… rather than slipping into self-sabotage at the wrong moments.

It’s wise to make a list of positive affirmations when you see this number, as it can greatly help you to stay on track and focus on moving in the right direction. Trust your inner voice in these moments, especially the one that dares to dream big… and knows you’re not fulfilling your deepest potential recently.

# 6: You’re Ready To Move On From Old Habits.

Angel number 818 may also be calling you to release old ways of being.

It’s time for you to change your perspective on certain experiences in life, to move past them and create something new… otherwise, the message is that you will keep repeating these patterns over and over again.

Letting go of negative energy and embracing only positive energy is a powerful way to manifest change in your life at this time. The opportunities are endless, and you only need to hold the vision.

# 7: You’re Ready For A Fresh Start And Challenges.

Stay optimistic, as angel number 818 is a reminder that you can create anything you want.

When it comes time to tackle challenges, remember that making a new beginning is always within your power… and your guardian angels want these positive outcomes to manifest for you. The number is letting you know that you’re on the right path to a life of incredible fulfillment and abundance.

# 8: Attract Positive People, Situations, And Events.

Angel number 818 is also asking you to think about your relationship with people in your life now… many times when this energy appears, it’s because some of these people are holding you back, or you’re seeking their approval before you act.

It’s wise to take a look at the relationships in your life and see if any of them are toxic or no longer serving you… as this is another way that you can prevent your dreams from becoming reality.

Realize the energy of angel number 818 resonates with self-leadership and trusting your own abilities, so tap into your inner wisdom and nurture your growing self-confidence. Embrace self-leadership whenever you can, and realize that the angels send you messages of support when you grow toward these new beginnings.

# 9: You Have The Ability To Lead Others To Success.

Angel number 818 is encouraging you to become a leader in your own life, and possibly even be of service to others, too.

Are there any groups or organizations that are working toward your goals right now?

If so, it’s time for you to get involved… because these types of groups often provide the best opportunities for realizing what you want most… especially when you’re striving forward and looking to live out your true life’s purpose.

# 10: Expand Your Circle Of Influence.

Angel number 818 may suggest expanding your circle of influence, which includes the people you associate with most or share time with often. If you’d like to manifest positive change in your life, it’s imperative that you avoid negative energies and pay attention to the infinite blessings that are all around you.

Remember the energy of angel number 818 can help to expand your circle toward people who are positive, supportive, and moving in alignment with your dreams (similar to angel number 217)… so open up to this opportunity.

Let go of old relationships that aren’t serving you, and focus on creating new ones that support what you want in your love life. The energy of infinite success resonates strongly with angel number 818, and this can also connect you with your twin flame and help you encounter a bright new chapter of your life.

# 11: Consider Traveling For New Opportunities.

Angel number 818 may be asking you to travel for professional or personal reasons now, and take notice of the places that this energy suggests.

Thoughts about traveling are often a sign that you can use your own personal power to manifest positive change in your daily life… because the universe is always sending you signs of encouragement and support through these apparent coincidences.

Angel number 818 is encouraging you to be more in touch with your true self, and take this as a sign that you can make a positive difference in the world. When you’re in tune with your positive energy, angel numbers like this one are representing infinite success and showing you the way forward.

As such, your guardian angels want you to be open to these signs as they occur, and be brave enough to let them take you where you need to go.

This traveling may also simply be an internal journey of growth and self-awareness, too.

# 12: Love Is On Its Way.

Angel number 818 could be a sign that you’ll find love soon, and it’s even more likely if you’re already in a relationship.

The energy of angel number 818 is encouraging you to be patient while the love of your life continues to come into your life naturally… so trust the flow of the universe and know that love is on its way, or a deepening connection if you’ve already found your twin flame.

Angel number 818 could also be encouraging you not to overthink your current relationship, and to trust the path that lies ahead.

What Angel Number 818 Is Telling You To Do Next

The key message of angel number 818 is that you’re in a manifestation stage, and you have the potential to create great abundance and prosperity (somewhat similar to angel number 38).

Staying focused on what you want and maintaining a positive, proactive outlook can really help at this time, and you’ll see that your own approach to life has a big effect on the results of your efforts.

You may encounter setbacks on your journey, but these setbacks aren’t supposed to be a cause for despair or to make you give up entirely. Instead, they’re opportunities to enhance your tenacity and trust in your ability to see things through until the end.

How much do you really want it?

If you persist, you’ll be rewarded.

By adopting the lessons of angel number 818 into your life, you’ll begin to manifest new experiences, opportunities, and material gains rapidly. Now is the time to be ambitious, work hard, and not settle. If you’ve been feeling unmotivated recently, then 818 is a call for you to knuckle down and renew your efforts.


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