Aries Woman Aries Man Compatibility: 23 Vital Insights

By Sofia Celestino •  Updated: 08/04/21 •  14 min read

Aries women have long been intrigued by the Aries man. He’s passionate and driven, but also unpredictable… which makes for an interesting Aries woman Aries man combo.

But what should an Aries woman know about her special someone? 

And how can she make sure that their relationship is going to last? 

In this guide, you’ll find the answers you seek.

Let’s begin.

# 1: The Aries Man is a Hunter.

The Aries male is the ultimate hunter. He’s got his sights set on his prize and nothing will stop him from getting it. Even if he can’t see what the prize is, or where it is, he’ll still go after it with all of his might just because that’s who he is.

Only then will he know what the prize is and whether or not it’s worth fighting for. Aries men can be incredibly stubborn when they’re caught up in their pursuits of a challenge, so you’ll have to show that he should drop his target and focus on something else (you!) for the relationship to thrive.

# 2: The Aries Man Wants a Challenge.

He doesn’t want a partner who’s going to be easy to figure out at first. He wants someone with some mystery to them, yet someone who isn’t afraid to show their vulnerable side, too.

A male Aries partner is incredibly passionate, but he also has an alpha male streak that he can’t help showing off from time to time. Showing him that you’re also passionate and fearless will go far in winning the affection of your matching sign.

# 3: The Aries Man is Looking for More.

Because he’s competitive, the Aries man is always trying to prove himself and come out on top. He’ll keep going after the same thing until he gets to the point where he’s undeniably the best.

This desire to expand his influence and be the best at what he does will often land him in a leadership role at work. But if you want to win his heart, you’ve got to follow that lead and show that you’re just as capable of taking charge when the situation calls for it.

# 4: The Aries Man is Bold.

He’ll often make split-second decisions in the spur of the moment that anyone else would think twice about. His impulsive nature gives him the drive to take action and lead people but also keeps his relationships on a spontaneous level which makes it thrilling and exciting.

Aries men are usually attracted to women who can keep up with their bold personalities. They want someone who’s not afraid to take charge, but also willing to let them lead every once in a while.

# 5: The Aries Man is Competitive.

The Aries man wants his partner to be able to stand on her own two feet, and more importantly, he doesn’t want it to be too easy. He likes the challenge of a strong woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.

But he also hates being upstaged, so if you’re going to try to win his heart by doing something impressive yourself, don’t forget that he’s always looking for ways to one-up you and take over as well. This makes the Aries man challenging for the Aries woman herself, and it can create problems with Aries woman Aries man compatibility in some cases.

# 6: The Aries Man Favors Action.

The Aries man acts first and thinks about it later. He gets the urge to do something and he just wants to get it done now.

There’s no denying that this attitude can be difficult for some people, but for an Aries woman, it’s a lot easier to deal with than someone who hems and haws. Just be sure you can follow his lead when he needs you to, otherwise, the love compatibility can suffer and you’ll both become frustrated with each other.

# 7: The Aries Man is Strong-Willed.

The Aries man could care less what anyone else has to say about his opinions, even women that he dates. If you don’t respect him and think he’s the best person around, then chances are he’ll move on to someone else who does. This isn’t always easy for the Aries female, as these zodiac signs are very similar in this regard.

The Aries man also doesn’t like receiving advice from anyone, so if you try to give him some unsolicited counsel, chances are it won’t go over well with him.

It’s best to just let him do his thing without any interference from outside sources, and you’ll have a happier relationship if you can relax and trust him. Again, this isn’t always straightforward for the Aries woman.

# 8: The Aries Man is Ambitious.

The Aries man will go after anything he wants. Whether it’s a goal in life or something that has nothing to do with his daily routine, he wants to be able to conquer anything that’s put in front of him.

It’s important to understand this for the love compatibility to be strong between these zodiac signs. For Aries woman compatibility, this trait can be very attractive.

# 9: The Aries Man is Impatient.

The Aries guy will jump at the chance to get something done, whether it means putting in the extra effort or just plain doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Because Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of physical energy, he’s got to look good.

That doesn’t mean that he spends hours working out or styling his hair. But he’ll just naturally have a handsome appearance and know how to take care of himself in order to maintain it.

The Aries also likes being surrounded by good-looking women, and he’ll try to make you look as attractive as possible. Just be ready for him to help you get dressed up if you go out on a date together!

# 10: The Aries Man is Passionate.

He’s not afraid of letting his feelings show in public, which means that if he’s really into you, he won’t be afraid to show it.

If your relationship is passionate and full of fire, then it only means things are going well with one another, and like most fire signs, Aries can be depended on to keep things exciting… much like the Aries woman herself.

# 11: The Aries Man is Adventurous.

If the Aries guy gets into something that he’s passionate about, expect him to go all in. He’ll get caught up in his pursuits and won’t want or need anything else in his life until he has what he wants.

It can take some mutual understanding to ensure a long-term relationship works, and his passion may come first… which can be difficult for the Aries woman to cope with at times. For successful Aries woman compatibility, she may need more time and attention to feel loved.

# 12: The Aries Man is Self-Sufficient.

He can do everything for himself and he doesn’t want any help from anyone else. He’ll never ask you to take care of him, nor will he expect you to be his maid. If he wants something done, then it’s up to him to do it on his own.

As such, this zodiac sign is a bit of an enigma when it comes to what he wants out of life. He may drop hints here and there about what his dreams are, but chances are you won’t be able to figure out how to support him unless you really try.

He will be somewhat solitary and seek counsel from himself before letting his partner into his mental life, yet this is normal for the Aries male.

# 13: The Aries Man Can Be Irritable.

An Aries thinks he can handle everything on his own without getting frustrated… which often… leads to frustration. His ego and independence make him want to tackle each task that’s put in front of him, whether he can do it or not.

As for when something doesn’t go his way, the Aries will have no patience and could get easily agitated with those around him, including you… which can be problematic for a fiery Aries woman who has plenty of passion herself.

This couple are both fire signs, and while this can create passion and energy, it can also spill over into heated arguments. Maintaining mutual respect will be essential, but it’s not always easy! It’s possible for these relationships to descend into a fight quite often.

# 14: The Aries Man is Direct.

He’s very direct and doesn’t beat around the bush, which can be both a good thing or a bad thing. He will tell you exactly what he thinks and won’t hold back from telling others how he feels.

Sometimes this can be a bit offensive, but he’s not trying to be mean. He just doesn’t have the time to tiptoe around his conversations with others.

But for an Aries woman, this is a good trait to have.

If she has an important question, then he can be direct enough to give her a straight answer… but it may also make things too fiery at times. Finding the right balance isn’t easy for these two people, and it can lead to a fight more often than not.

# 15: The Aries Man is Confident.

Aries has innate confidence in everything he does, which makes him extremely attractive. Whether it’s attracting women or getting ahead in his career, he’ll always know how to position himself so that he gets what he wants.

This high confidence encourages the Aries woman to love very easily, and it can be a positive sign for the Aries female to experience.

# 16: The Aries Man Values Success.

The Aries is a go-getter who likes to get things done and be as productive as possible. He thrives on gaining power and holding the right positions, and he loves to be in control.

This can make an Aries woman Aries man combination very powerful and productive, as long as they don’t fall into the trap of competing with each other instead of working together. These two zodiac fire signs need mutual respect for one another to be a true love match.

# 17: The Aries Man is Charming.

He’s extremely charming and knows just how to get you on his side. He can turn anyone into his fan, male or female… but he doesn’t like clingy women. He’ll bring you in close so that he can flirt with you for a bit, but then he’ll back off so that he doesn’t feel trapped.

In some ways, an Aries woman can feel like she’s met her match in this regard, and the Aries woman Aries man compatibility will hinge on how they both handle this.

# 18: The Aries Man Values Honor.

The Aries man has very traditional values, which means that he’s family-oriented and values honor. He doesn’t like confrontation or people who are untrustworthy, but he is willing to give everyone a chance at first.

In the long run, he will want children and normal life, and he’ll do things by the book… but you may find that he doesn’t want to be tied down at first.

He’s born to lead and will need to be in charge of his family, even if he’s not the one who knows how to do everything. He wants everyone else to know their place and their responsibilities so that he can feel proud about his home life.

# 19: The Aries Man is a Natural Leader.

The Aries man can’t help but be in charge and lead the way for those around him. He’s very confident, and he knows how to run his ship… even if he’s not an expert on everything that he does.

He’ll ask others to do specific jobs and then give them a deadline for when they should be done, but he’s always ready to lend a hand in the meantime.

This makes him very attractive, and it also helps him succeed in every area of life. But it can also cause some tension with an Aries woman, depending on how she likes to lead her own life.

# 20: The Aries Man is a Bit Possessive.

The Aries man can be possessive of his woman and protective, but he doesn’t like to feel that he’s being controlled in return. He’ll want you by him at all times, but he won’t want you telling him what to do or who to spend time with.

The Aries woman can respect this to an extent, but she needs her independence as well. If they both try and give the other one their freedom while still maintaining some level of control in return, then this is something that they can work through.

But if he becomes too territorial or you become too rebellious, then things are going to fall apart.

# 21: The Aries Man is Loyal.

He’s very loyal, especially when he’s in love… but he gets bored easily.He can be the type that likes to juggle a lot of women at once, and this means that you’ll have to work hard for his attention if you’re the only one in his life.

However, he will always be loyal to you in the end and he’ll never do anything behind your back once the love has been solidified… and there’s a level of mutual respect within the long-term relationship.

# 22: The Aries Man is Intellectual.

The Aries man can be quite book-smart but not street-smart. This means that he loves to read but doesn’t know everything going on around him. He’s observant and very interested in learning new things, but he can get frustrated when people don’t seem to be making any effort at all.

He has a lot of passion and drive, and can’t quite understand when other people aren’t the same way.

# 23: The Aries Man is a Truth-Seeker.

He’s very passionate and he lives his life on his own terms. He isn’t afraid to fight for what he believes in, and when he falls in love with someone, he’ll be loyal to them forever… as long as they’re honest with him.

For an Aries woman love is the ultimate truth, and he’ll hold on to this ideal even if the relationship isn’t working. He may not get hurt easily, but he doesn’t have a good poker face when it comes to hiding his feelings.

Aries Woman Aries Man Compatibility FAQ

Can Aries Women and Aries Men Get Along?

The Aries man’s personality is similar to that of the Aries woman’s so they have a tendency to push each other’s buttons. However, there are some key differences in their personalities that can cause conflict.

The main difference between them is that the Aries woman often wants to be challenged, whereas the Aries man prefers being left alone and not having anyone trying to control him.

What Issues May Arise for This Couple’s Love Compatibility?

Communication is a key problem for these two. The Aries man’s personality desires to be in charge and his woman must respect that.

The Aries woman can get very jealous and demanding if she doesn’t feel like her needs are being met. Since the Aries man dislikes receiving orders from others, he may become annoyed with the Aries woman’s way of doing things.

How Can This Couple Make Their Relationship More Compatible?

The Aries man needs to understand that the Aries woman is very passionate and he’d be wise not to push her boundaries too hard lest she become resentful. The Aries woman must learn when to let up and not seek to control the Aries man.

Why Do Aries Men and Women Clash?

The Aries woman is very fiery and outspoken whereas the Aries man needs his space and doesn’t like to be told what to do. He’s a leader and can become frustrated with his lover trying to control him.

How Do an Aries Man and Aries Woman Balance Their Differences?

The Aries man needs to understand that his lover has a very outspoken nature and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. He should embrace these traits as a positive, and seek compatibility between these two zodiac signs, with the help of the Aries female herself.

Why Is an Arian Woman Attracted to an Arian Man?

The Aries woman is attracted to the confidence and decisiveness of an Aries man. She’s also drawn to his warmth and stability, which she can sometimes feel are lacking in her own life. The Aries man admires the initiative the Aries woman has and can’t resist her fiery spirit either.


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