Life Path Number 8: Personality and Relationship Compatibility

By Sofia Celestino •  Updated: 04/21/21 •  14 min read

Learning you’re on life path number 8 is great news.

It means you have way more potential and personal power than you’d ever expect, and your ambitious tendencies mean you’re walking toward great success and abundance in your future.

However, this life path is not without its perils, and you may be vulnerable to self-sabotage more than others.

Learning how to play to your strengths and minimize your weaknesses will be important for an 8, and if you accomplish this feat, you have the potential to obtain everything you’ve ever wanted out of life.

In this guide, we’re going to explore what it truly means to be on life path 8. You’ll also discover the best career options for you, and find which people you’re most compatible with for relationships.

So without further delay, let’s get started.

What Life Path Number 8 Means

While most people would love to obtain material success if it was just handed to them, few people have the same ambition and tenacity as an 8 to actually achieve their dreams for real.

And while some will rush to say it’s just luck… an 8 knows better. These are the people who are willing to work hard toward their dreams and turn them into reality. Over time, they’re able to become skilled with managing money and earning it, so they’re not ashamed to reward themselves for their efforts afterward.

If you’re an 8, it means you’re a driven, self-motivated individual who has the skills to turn their intention into real, material gains… and when other people are sitting around talking about making something happen, you have the potential to roll up your sleeves and actually do it.

There’s no denying you’re a goal-oriented person, and some people might criticize your singular focus at times. But it’s often coming from a sense of envy, as the 8 is going to achieve many things that just feel out of reach to others. As such, you’ll need to learn to keep your ego in check… as this can be one of the biggest downsides for an 8.

Additionally, there’s always going to be ups and downs in life… and while you’re going to have a constant, gnawing, driving energy that fuels your ambition, your outer circumstances aren’t always going to reflect what you want. An 8 can feel very frustrated at times because it can take reality a while to truly bend to your will and give you what you seek.

There’s a risk of self-sabotage for an 8, and it’s important to keep a cool head and not let your frustrations spill over into other areas of your life. When things aren’t going your way, the best thing for an 8 to do is knuckle down and work hard.

Giving up on a dream is anathema to an 8, yet the 8 has the strongest manifestation energy compared to anyone, and this gives them the power to achieve big things once they set their mind to it.

What Life Path Number 8 Says About Your Personality

The personality of life path 8 is characterized by their ambition, tenacity, and drive. These are the people who don’t like to give up and quit… and nor should they… as they can turn their dreams into reality once they’ve found their way in life.

They have the ability to persist through difficulty and challenge, and they’ll often turn their frustration or anger into a positive direction that allows them to get more done. Their ambition is an attractive quality to others, and it often brings people into their life who can guide and support them at the right time.

Finding personal and financial success is important for an 8, and it’s likely to take up a lot of their focus. While they try to make time for friends and family, they’ll often feel guilty if they feel like they’re slacking off and letting their bigger dreams turn to dust.

Some people will view them as overly materialistic… but this is of little consequence to an 8… because they know what they want and they’re driven to get it.

One of the hardest things for an 8 to deal with is a sense of lack or poverty. They may come from a poor background which has left them with fear of returning to less, and even when they have everything they want in life, they won’t let it sate their hunger for too long. As such, it can sometimes be hard for them to relax when they have something on their mind.

They’re at their best when they have a worthy goal to pursue, and once they’ve started something, their determination will force them to see it through to the end.

Some people can feel a little intimidated by the energy of an 8, and there is the potential dark side of an 8 becoming arrogant, manipulative, and domineering if their ambition is thwarted by life.

But their undying fortitude usually means they’re never down for too long, before they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and surge ahead toward what they want.

Best Careers For Life Path Number 8

There’s a wide array of career paths an 8 could take, but they’ll often look at a career with their eye on the true prize… which is either personal growth, financial gain, or the raw power that comes from earned status.

These are the people who become powerful CEOs, business managers, or even entrepreneurs.

They like to listen to their own authority most of the time, but they can certainly work with others on a shared goal that makes sense to them. They’ll generally become quite confident in their chosen role once they’re mastered what’s required of them, and it won’t be long until their ambition makes them set their sights even higher.

An 8 can do very well in finance, real estate, or any corporate role. They also have an instinctive mind for sales and business, so many 8s will feel at home here as well.

Life Path Number 8 and Love Relationships

Finding a successful relationship isn’t always going to be easy and straightforward for an 8.

Above all else, they’ll need someone who understands and respects their ambition, and they won’t take kindly to someone who judges them for wanting more out of life.

An 8 isn’t going to settle, and they’ll need someone who’s keen to support them with their goals rather than distract them. It can really help an 8 to have someone who believes in them entirely, as this can offset their tendency to doubt themselves during the inevitable challenging periods of life, or when an 8 doesn’t feel like they’re meeting their true potential yet.

But in return, an 8 has the vision to create a fantastic relationship with someone who shares their wavelength. Their ability to create a prosperous life is certainly attractive to many people, and their strong, ambitious nature means they’ll always have a lot to offer in a relationship.

Life Path Number 8 Relationship Compatibility

One way to gain a better understanding of an 8’s strengths and weaknesses in a relationship is to compare their traits with the other numbers. While this isn’t an exact science… it can show some interesting patterns and synergies that’ll highlight where you’re likely to find a good match, and which ones aren’t well-suited to you.

Let’s take a closer look.

Life Path Number 8 and 1 Compatibility

A match between 8 and 1 can be a difficult one. The 1 craves a feeling of independence and the ability to pursue their own path through life, and the 8 shares a similar outlook. While the can be a good thing on paper, it may also lead them to pull in different directions and feel frustrated by each other in the long term.

The 1 can also be quite competitive, and this may be annoying to the 8, who’s more focused on achieving their material and personal goals than winning a competition without any real prize at the end of it.

However, if both numbers have similar values and ambitions, they can learn to work together and create a shared life that’s fulfilling to them both. But in order to do so, they’ll need to understand each other and foster mutual respect. They’ll need to listen to each other’s point of view, and be willing to accept each other’s influence from time to time.

Life Path Number 8 and 2 Compatibility

A pairing of 8 and 2 can work out very well, as the 2 is naturally inclined to support and create harmony within a relationship. Often, this can provide genuine respite for the 8 who’s often preoccupied with their goals in life. Over time, this leads to deep mutual respect and understanding.

It’ll be important for the couple to schedule quality time together, as the 2 needs a sense of union and connection to feel valued in a relationship. They’re also unlikely to speak up too quickly if they’re unhappy about something, and an 8 may be too self-focused to pick up on these signals, leading to resentment on behalf of the 2.

But the hardworking nature of the 8 will likely earn the respect of the 2, who can empathize and understand why the 8’s goals are important to them. In many cases, the success of one partner will contribute to the success of the other, and this helps them to stay on the same side and work together as a team, despite the challenges they may face.

Life Path Number 8 and 3 Compatibility

The compatibility of an 8 with a 3 can be hit or miss. The 3 will have a strong need for self-expression, and they’re likely to be a creative type who places less value on material gain or personal ambition. Instead, they may have a sense of optimism that can seem naive to an 8, who will think in terms of practicality and work ethic.

But there’s no denying that the 8 and 3 can learn a lot from each other during a relationship, and this means it often works out well for some couples. The ambition of the 8 can rub off on the 3 and help them to apply their talents more, while the freewheeling creativity of the 3 can open up the potential rigidity of the 8, and this may even help them achieve their goals more effectively in the long run.

It will be useful to understand how each partner shares their love and affection in this relationship, because they may have different styles of communicating how they feel. As always, developing an intricate understanding of your partner’s way of being can really help to keep the connection alive.

Life Path Number 8 and 4 Compatibility

The 8 and 4 will have many things in common, including their work ethic and practical outlook. The 4 is a dedicated hard worker, and this is something the 8 will truly understand and respect. The 4 takes great pride in their logical, practical outlook, and it can often contribute to the life of an 8, especially if they’re ever feeling self-doubt.

Neither the 4 nor the 8 are overly emotional, and they’ll usually fall into an efficient communication style that gets to the root of problems quickly and finds solutions that work for both of them.

But there’s the risk of the passion dying out of this relationship if it isn’t nurtured and maintained, so it’ll be important for both partners to schedule time for each other, and not to become overly self-focused at times.

Life Path Number 8 and 5 Compatibility

The compatibility between 8 and 5 doesn’t look good on paper, because the 5 is a free spirit who loves adventure, and will often be seeking new stimulation and exciting things to do. They’re much more likely to live in the moment, whereas the 8 will always be thinking about achievement and preparing for the future.

In theory, they should be able to compensate for each other’s weaknesses and help both partners to grow. But in reality, it’s often too difficult for this couple to navigate the early stages of the relationship when they’re still figuring each other out.

But the 5 is very adaptable and loves variety in life. A successful 8 may be able to provide this stimulation if they’ve already accomplished their major goals, and a relationship together could teach them many things about themselves.

Life Path Number 8 and 6 Compatibility

The pairing between 8 and 6 can work quite well, and both partners are likely to share a few important traits. They both understand the importance of responsibility, and if the 8 hasn’t fully developed this side of their character yet, then the 6 will teach them the value of taking on challenges, but in a protective, nurturing way.

The 6 is no stranger to taking on an important task, but they tend to be more people-focused rather than seeking material gain. As such, they’re often a key member of a family or social group that depends on their support. They’re prone to giving more than they take in a relationship… and they’ll rarely ask the 8 for help and support… but they’ll be more than willing to offer it.

For this relationship to work, it’ll be important for the 8 to notice this tendency, and be willing to take some time out of their schedule to care for their partner and show support. A 6 may not ask, but you can rest assured they will deeply appreciate this gesture from you.

Life Path Number 8 and 7 Compatibility

A match between 8 and 7 is another potentially challenging one, as they’re likely to have a different focus in life which makes them an unlikely long-term match.

The 7 is a truth seeker who’s looking to explore the mysteries of life, and they’ll often have a spiritual aspect to their outlook. Whereas an 8 is going to be more practical, down-to-earth, and focused on accomplishing tangible goals that have a material element to them. As you’d expect, this can lead the 7 and 8 to have big differences in their world view.

Of course, it’s still possible for a couple to make it work if they choose, and the analytical understanding and perceptive abilities of the 7 can help. This fresh perspective can be refreshing to an 8, but the relationship is more likely to be one of ‘opposites attract’ rather than finding deep commonalities.

Life Path Number 8 and 8 Compatibility

An 8 getting together with another 8 can be a match made in heaven, as they’ll both be driven, ambitious types who share similar goals and want to enjoy a good life together. They will be able to bounce ideas off each other often, and they’ll pick each other up whenever they’re feeling self-doubt or needing support.

A potential risk is that their goals may drive them apart if they’re pointing in separate directions, and it’s possible they’ll value what they want out of life more than the relationship itself. As such, a key to making this relationship work is making sure you’re on the same path from the beginning, so you can channel your energies together.

Ultimately, two 8s together can usually achieve more than an 8 by themselves, so the relationship can have a lot to offer each person.

Life Path Number 8 and 9 Compatibility

The 8 and 9 combination is another tricky one because they’re likely to have different outlooks on life. The 9 is a compassionate type who dedicates their time to helping others rather than direct personal or material gain.

Of course, these two can still go together as long as they’re willing to respect differences and support each other despite their potentially different world views.

The 9 is generally a very generous and tolerant person, and they’ll enjoy many of the qualities the 8 has to offer. Likewise, the 9 can be a nice counterbalance to the 8s drive, although both numbers will have their ambitious tendencies in different ways.

One risk is that the 9 can be quite unforgiving and resentful if their needs aren’t met, and they’ll need an empathic partner to understand and support them. In some cases, an 8 won’t have the inclination to do this, because they’ll be distracted by their broader vision, and the 9 may seem like they’re in the way.

But if the couples take time to understand each other’s needs and maintain mutual respect, it’s not impossible to make it work.


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