Understanding Numerology: The Beginner-Friendly Guide.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the divination of meanings based on numbers.

We can use numerology to assign numerical values to letters in words and names… as well as find fascinating hidden meanings from the important numbers in our lives (such as birth dates, for example).

Numerology can be also used as a tool to reveal information about our personality traits, character, outlook, and even our future life path… along with how we’re likely to find happiness and fulfillment in life.

It can also be used as a way to determine our destiny, reveal how we relate to others, and help us gain insight into our own strengths and weaknesses… often revealing things about ourselves we never knew before.

Numerology can give us important insights into the reason we make certain decisions… why we react in certain ways to events and experiences, and much more.

So, numerology is ultimately a useful tool for self-analysis, helping you to understand yourself on a deep level.

It can also help us recognize the types of people who will be compatible with, and how we relate to each other.

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    What Do the Numbers Mean in Numerology?

    Each number corresponds to various personality traits, perspectives, or themes, and they each contain unique energy that explains different aspects of ourselves and other people.

    The easiest way to understand what these numbers mean is to explore the summaries of each number below.

    Let’s take a look.

    Number 1: Independence, Individuality, Self-Reliance.

    The number 1 represents individuality and leadership, along with self-growth, confidence, and strength of character.

    The numerology number 1 is independent and knows what it wants.

    This makes for an excellent leader who takes charge and gets things done… but may appear bossy to others.

    The numerology number 1 can sometimes be viewed as selfish, as it strives to satisfy its own ambitions and accomplishments.

    The numerology number 1 often has a low tolerance for laziness, procrastination, or disorganization; however, this is motivated by the desire to achieve success… even though it may not always be recognized by others in such a positive way.

    The numerology number 1 is usually not very social, but they will be devoted and loyal to those who matter the most.

    Number 2: Cooperation, Harmony, Sensitivity.

    A number 2 highly values their relationships in life be it family, friends, or romantic connections.

    Their love for harmony makes them great team players, and their supportive energy allows them to bring out the best in others.

    They’re often the peacemakers and negotiators of their workplace or family life, and they love being around people.

    The numerology number 2 is a great judge of character as they have impeccable intuition about people.

    However, while in relationships, the numerology number 2 can be somewhat possessive and jealous, and anyone who hurts them will find themselves quickly out of the picture due to their enhanced sensitivity.

    Number 3: Creative, Expressive, Communicative.

    The number 3 is the creative, social, and expressive numerology number.

    By nature, numerology 3 people are friendly, positive-minded, and social.

    They enjoy the company of others, and they feel more alive when surrounded by friends or family.

    They’re also artistic by nature, which means they’ll usually be drawn to creative endeavors.

    They often enjoy having very original ideas, but can sometimes lose themselves in daydreams as a result. With their minds constantly turning, it can be easy for them to get carried away, and they can struggle with a scattered mentality and disorganization.

    But when used correctly, it can also be an asset: they’re often very creative and artistic, and they have the ability to see things in novel ways that other people might miss. They’re always coming up with fresh new ideas and concepts.

    Number 4: Dedicated, Hardworking, Practical.

    The number 4 is the most practical and hardworking of all numbers.

    They have an extremely strong sense of justice and morality, which makes them very honest and ethical in their dealings with others.

    The number 4 also represents practicality, orderliness, and hard work. It’s also the number of stability and balance.

    People who resonate with this number strive toward achieving perfection through discipline and hard work in all aspects of life: family, career, and relationships.

    However, they often expect the same high level of discipline from everyone around them, and this sometimes leads to anger directed at others when they fail to live up to these standards.

    Number 5: Adventurous, Flexible, Unpredictable.

    The number 5 is adventurous and very open-minded. It represents a person who loves to experiment and explore new things in life.

    They love freedom and can’t tolerate any kind of restriction.

    They do not like to be confined, so they want to do whatever they want without any limitations or restrictions.

    They tend to live life on the edge… so if you want excitement, number 5 is your number. They have a lot of curiosity, so they’re always trying many things at once just to find out what works best for them.

    They love being in a crowd and enjoy socializing. They want to be surrounded by people all the time because they feel more alive when they’re around others.

    They’re also very adaptable, so they can easily fit into any situation or environment.

    Number 6: Loving, Compassionate, Balanced.

    The number 6 is the number of love, understanding, and caring.

    People who resonate with this number tend to be very loving and nurturing by nature.

    They’re good listeners and offer great support. They also have a strong sense of compassion and humanity, and they’ll go out of their way to help those in need.

    They tend to be particularly nurturing in relationships, offering support and love in many areas of life.

    In fact, they can sometimes be too giving and end up compromising themselves to the point of exhaustion, which is something these people will struggle with and must learn to overcome.

    Number 7: Wisdom Seeking, Spiritual, Introspective.

    The number 7 reflects a person who’s introspective, philosophical, and has a great curiosity about almost everything.

    They like to collect information about themselves and others, storing it in their memory for possible use at a later time. They have a tendency to remember trivial details that most people would forget or overlook altogether.

    There’s often a spiritual, esoteric appeal to the 7, so they’re drawn to metaphysical and psychic studies as well.

    But they tend to be very analytical in their approach to problem-solving, so it can be hard for them to make a decision if they don’t have all the facts at hand.

    This can result in them being a bit indecisive at times.

    Number 8: Ambitious, Prosperous, Materialistic.

    The number 8 numerology is a number of ambition, manifestation, power, and abundance.

    There’s also a strong emphasis on action, career, and authority.

    People with the 8 numerology number love to take charge of their lives and have a natural ability to lead others.

    This number’s energy is that of material abundance.

    People born with the 8 personality are ambitious and hard-working. They often want to create some type of change in this world and are constantly striving for better conditions.

    In the workplace, they’re loyal and dedicated to achieving their goals. It takes a lot to discourage them because they have the energy and persistence to overcome any challenges… although they can sometimes fall into the trap of self-sabotage.

    Number 9: Selfless, Compassionate, Generous.

    The number 9 means light, fulfillment, joy, and compassion.

    It’s the number of the higher self and enlightenment.

    A number 9 represents someone who’s spiritually inclined, charitable, and philanthropic.

    They’re often attracted to the arts, music, drama, and the beauty of nature… but their greatest motivation is inner peace and fulfillment obtained through service and generosity rather than seeking material gain or worldly success.

    A number 9 may be seen as a number of leadership, but there’s no number more willing to put others before themselves.

    They have a very deep sense of oneness with all life, making them extremely tolerant and accepting of others and situations that would drive most people crazy.

    Number 11: Intuitive, Inspirational, Sensitive.

    The number 11 is a master number that contains many similarities to the 2.

    It’s a number that carries the energy of intuition and an ability to see issues from a broader point of view.

    11s can be inspirational, charismatic, and idealistic… but also peacemaking, broad-minded and compassionate individuals who dislike confrontation.

    They’re often quiet in nature, and they don’t like to be drawn into arguments or conflicts due to their extra sensitivity.

    11s are natural-born healers.

    They’re usually good listeners and they have a gift of using their words to bring about harmony when there is conflict within a group or situation.

    They have a knack for nurturing others and can be overly generous.

    11s are gifted at seeing the bigger picture and drawing upon their imagination in order to bring about change, which is one of their missions in life.

    Number 22: Visionary, Driven, Inventive.

    The number 22 is another master number, and it signifies individuals who are intuitive, visionary, charismatic, and inspired. They can be forward-thinking leaders with a drive to achieve success.

    Individuals who possess the energy of this number are usually idealistic and dedicated to achieving their goals in life while also inspiring others to dream big, too.

    The energy of this number is expressed through the traits of inventiveness, inspiration, charisma, creativity, and vision.

    Individuals who are attracted to this number are looking for more than just a job or career in their professional lives. They’re looking for meaning and fulfillment, which their careers might help them find.

    People with the energy of this number identify with being driven by an inner vision and a strong sense of purpose.

    They usually possess great creativity and intuitive abilities that help them pursue their goals with single-minded determination.

    How To Calculate Your Core Numbers

    Okay, so now you know what the numbers mean… you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to do with all that infomation.

    There’s no denying how complicated it can seem at first…

    But one of the easiest ways to get started is to simply calculate your core numbers.

    And you may well be shocked by how much insight these numbers will give you into your personality, relationships, and more.

    So grab a pen and paper, and let’s get started.

    What Are the Core Numbers in Numerology?

    There are many different numbers you can calculate in numerology, not to mention different ways to calculate them and different systems of numerology that use various names for similar numbers.

    But to keep things simple, there are 5 core numbers that give you in-depth, meaningful insight into your character, purpose, and life journey.

    By simply calculating and understanding these numbers, you can greatly enhance your self-awareness.

    These core numbers are:

    • Life path number
    • Destiny number
    • Soul number
    • Personality number
    • Birth Day number

    1. The Life Path Number

    The life path number is one of the most vital numbers in numerology, and as such, it’s the first thing you’ll want to calculate to learn more about yourself.

    This number tells you the kind of life you’ll have and the key lessons you’ll learn along the way.

    It can also shed light on the challenges and experiences you’ll face along your journey.

    In many ways, it can be considered as a ‘blueprint’ for your life.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean it dictates precisely how your life will unfold, but it will give you starting template for what’s likely to occur along your life path.

    How To Calculate Your Life Path Number

    There are two main ways to calculate your life path number, and we call these the ‘reduction method’ and the ‘addition method’.

    Both techniques are commonly used to calculate the life path number. But most numerologists prefer the ‘reduction method’ as it’s considered the most accurate.

    Let’s take a look at how it works.

    Option 1: The Reduction Method.

    Step 1: Write down the numbers of your birthdate.

    Example: 10/23/1982

    Step 2: Add each number together until you reach a single digit for the month, day, and year.

    Example: 10/23/1982 becomes…

    Month: 1 + 0 = 1.

    Day: 2 + 3 = 5.

    Year: 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 20.

    Next, we must reduce 20 to a single digit: 2 + 0 = 2.

    Step 3: Add the final numbers together (and reduce if needed.)

    Example: 1 + 5 + 2 = 8

    This person’s life path would be 8.

    Option 2: The Addition Method.

    Most numerologists regard the reduction method as the best way to calculate the life path number, but there’s also another way, namely the addition method.

    The advantage of this technique is that it’s simpler and easier to learn. It can also be useful if you feel the life path number provided by the reduction method doesn’t resonate with you at all. Sometimes, it may even give you the same answer, which feels more conclusive since it’s verified by two different calculation methods.

    Here’s how it works:

    Step 1: Write down the numbers of your birth date.

    Example: 10/23/1982.

    Step 2: Add all the numbers together in a row.

    Example: 1 + 0 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 26.

    Step 3: Reduce the final number to reach a single digit.

    Example: 2 + 6 = 8.

    This person’s life path would be 8.

    Important: Watch Out For Master Numbers

    If your calculations give you the numbers 11, 22, or 33, then you won’t reduce these any further.

    These are considered ‘master numbers’, and they have additional meanings of their own.

    As such, it’s important to preserve them in your calculations without reducing them.

    What If the Methods Give Different Results?

    It’s true that the methods can yield different results.

    A common solution is to simply pick the answer that resonates the most with you.

    All of the numbers have their unique energy, and different approaches to numerology add depth and meaning, as well as give you more possibilities to explore.

    So, let your intuition guide you toward the answer that best matches you.

    2. The Destiny (Or Expression) Number

    The second most important number in numerology is your destiny number, also known as the expression number, or purpose number.

    This number reveals your main purpose or destiny in life, and it shows what you’re here to accomplish on your journey. It reveals the areas you’ll need to focus on and where you’ll find the most satisfaction in life.

    t’s also helpful for choosing a career that’ll fulfill you.

    How To Calculate Your Destiny Number

    First, you’ll need to use your full name as written on your birth certificate to calculate your destiny number.

    It’s important to use your original birth name, and not a married name, or any alternations or shortened versions of your name. Otherwise, the answers won’t be accurate according to the principles of numerology.

    Use this chart to match the letters of your name with the correct number.

    Option 1: The Reduction Method.

    Again, the reduction method is the best way to calculate your destiny number.

    Here’s how it works:

    Step 1: Match the letters of each name separately, using the numbers on the chart above.


    Lisa: 3 + 9 + 1 + 1 = 14

    Smith: 1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8 = 24

    Step 2: Add each name’s numbers together to reach a single digit.


    1+ 4 = 5

    2 + 4 = 6

    Step 3: Add these numbers together to reach a single digit.


    5 + 6 = 11

    In this case, we arrive at a master number, so we won’t reduce it any further.

    Lisa’s destiny number is 11.

    Option 2: The Addition Method.

    Alternatively, you can use the addition method to find the destiny number.

    Here’s how this technique works:

    Step 1: Match the letters of each name using the numbers on the chart.


    Lisa: 3 + 9 + 1 + 1 = 14

    Smith: 1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8 = 24

    Step 2: Add all the numbers together in one calculation.


    Lisa Smith

    3 + 9 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8 = 38

    Step 3: Add these numbers together until you reach a single digit (or master number).


    3 + 8 = 11

    Again, we arrive at a master number, so we won’t reduce it any further.

    Lisa’s destiny number is 11.

    3. The Soul Number

    This number represents your soul’s urge or heart’s desire, and it’s often referred to by these names as well.

    It symbolizes what your soul yearns for and what will bring the most fulfillment to you.

    Learning about your soul number can be useful when you’re stuck in a routine, feel like something’s missing in life, or simply aren’t happy with your path.

    If so, it’s possible your soul’s urge is hidden from your conscious awareness.

    Numerology may help to uncover this deeper, unmet need and bring you new, fresh insight into what’s missing or what will make you truly happy.

    How To Calculate Your Soul Number

    The soul’s urge number is calculated by using the vowels in your name (as written on your birth certificate.)

    The letter ‘Y’ can present a problem here, as different versions of numerology consider it a vowel, while others don’t. And some forms only consider it a vowel when other criteria are met within the name.

    In Western numerology, we acknowledge Y as a vowel when it’s surrounded by two consonants. But in Chaldean numerology, the Y is always considered a vowel (which certainly makes things simpler). There are no right or wrong answers, so it’s your choice to pick the method that most resonates with you.

    Option 1: The Reduction Method.

    The reduction method is the favored approach for calculating the soul number.

    Here’s how it works:

    Step 1: Match up the vowels in your name using the chart above.


    Vowels in Lisa = i, a.

    i = 9, a = 1.

    Vowels in Smith = i.

    i = 9.

    Step 2: Add each name’s numbers together then reduce to a single digit.


    Lisa = 9 + 1 = 10.

    Next, we must reduce this number further: 1 + 0 = 1.

    Smith = 9.

    Step 3: Add these single digits together (and reduce again if needed).


    1 + 9 = 10.

    We reduce the 10 like this: 1 + 0 = 1.

    Lisa’s soul number is: 1.

    Option 2: The Addition Method.

    The addition method is another option when calculating the soul number.

    Here’s how it works:

    Step 1: Add up the vowels in your name using the chart above.


    Vowels in Lisa = i, a.

    i = 9, a = 1.

    Vowels in Smith = i.

    i = 9.

    Step 2: Add the numbers across both names.


    9 + 1 + 9 = 19

    Step 3: Reduce the number into single digits.


    1 + 9 = 10.

    1 + 0 = 1.

    Lisa’s soul number is: 1.

    4. The Personality Number

    The personality number can be very interesting to study, even though it isn’t considered as important when compared to the life path, destiny, or soul numbers.

    This number reveals how others see you, or how you wish to be seen.

    Think of it as the mask you wear around others, as well as the first impression you make when people first meet you.

    It can be quite revealing, as it’ll highlight any inconsistencies between your true self (and how you feel inside) versus the image you project to the outer world.

    For some people, this can be highly illuminating as it shows a different side to yourself that you may not be aware of.

    How To Calculate Your Personality Number

    You can calculate your personality number by adding the consonants in your name (as written on your birth certificate.) There are two ways you can do this, either the reduction method or the addition method.

    Option 1: The Reduction Method.

    The reduction method is the preferred approach by most numerologists.

    Here’s how it works:

    Step 1: Add up the consonants in your name using the chart above.


    Consonants in Lisa = l, s.

    l = 3, s = 1.

    Consonants in Smith = s, m, t, h.

    s = 1, m = 4, t = 2, h = 8

    Step 2: Create separate totals for each name (and reduce as needed).


    Lisa = 3 + 1 = 4.

    Smith = 1 + 4 + 2 + 8 = 15. (reduction: 1 + 5 = 6)

    Step 3: Add the single numbers together (and reduce as needed).


    4 + 6 = 10.

    Next, we must reduce the 10 further: 1 + 0 = 1.

    Lisa’s personality number is 1.

    Option 2: The Addition Method.

    Step 1: Add up the consonants in your name using the chart above.


    Consonants in Lisa = l, s.

    l = 3, s = 1.

    Consonants in Smith = s, m, t, h.

    s = 1, m = 4, t = 2, h = 8

    Step 2: Add the numbers across both names.


    3 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 8 = 19

    Step 3: Reduce double digits into single digits.


    1 + 9 = 10.

    1 + 0 = 1.

    Lisa’s personality number is: 1.

    5. The Birthday Number

    The birthday number is perhaps the least important number (when compared to the previous ones), but it nonetheless reveals some useful insight into your abilities and talents that may assist you along your life path.

    For some people, these talents will already be familiar, but others may uncover hidden potential they never knew about.

    These talents may prove useful while fulfilling your life path, and they can reveal your strengths (or a way to overcome challenges).

    How To Calculate Your Birthday Number

    Calculating your Birth Day number is straightforward.

    Keep in mind this number isn’t your birth date.

    It’s the actual day within the month of your birthday.

    This number is calculated by taking the number of your birth day and reducing it if needed.

    If it’s a single number, such as 7, then your birth day is 7.

    But if it’s a double-digit (and not a master number) you’ll need to reduce the number. For example, if you were born on the 14th, your number is 1 + 4 = 5.

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