Virgo Woman Taurus Man Compatibility: 27 Vital Insights

By Sofia Celestino •  Updated: 01/12/22 •  20 min read

Are you a Virgo woman dating a Taurus man?

If so, you likely already know about the commonalities you share… and there are many positive signs that suggest it could be a great match for you.

But can these two Zodiac signs really work in the long term? In this guide, you’ll discover 27 things you should know when it comes to Taurus man Virgo woman compatibility.

Let’s take a closer look.

# 1: They’re Both Earth Signs

First of all, Virgo and Taurus are both earth signs. This shared earth element means they’re both practical, purposeful, strong-willed, and determined… but these astrological signs can also have a stubborn streak.

They both enjoy having a stable and secure environment, and they want to stay away from anything that may be too unpredictable or unstable. In this way, they are both very similar in their outlook, and it’s something the Taurus man appreciates about Virgo women in particular.

# 2: Taurus Enjoys An Unhurried Pace

Taurus is one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac, and they place a major emphasis on enjoying everything at their own pace. They hate feeling stressed or rushed, and need time to enjoy life’s pleasures.

But if a Taurus man feels like you’re pressuring him in any way, they’ll likely withdraw from whoever is causing that feeling in them. Virgo can feel a little intense at times, even if they don’t mean to. They’re both extremely intelligent Zodiac signs that constantly think about everything. There’s also a sense of practicality in Virgos that Taurus loves, but it can get too intense for Taurus, despite their shared earthy nature.

Virgo’s somewhat critical nature is absolutely foreign to a Taurus sign. In this case, Virgo might appear too sharp or unfriendly for the reliable Taurus man, at least until they get to know each other better.

# 3: Virgo Is Very Analytical And Observant

Virgo is a very analytical and observant sign, with a keen eye for detail. They like to analyze how things work and can be very good at spotting flaws in systems (and people). Virgo is one of the most practical of all the earth signs, and they’re always thinking about what steps need to be taken in order to accomplish a certain goal or task.

Taurus can feel like they’re being scrutinized by the Virgo woman due to this trait. Where Taurus is a bit more laid-back and reserved, Virgos are often quick to point out flaws or problems that they see in something or someone.

Virgos take pride in being extremely observant, but this can ultimately make Taurus feel like they’re being judged at times. The key to making a good match here is to be wary of criticism, and consider how your words might affect a Taurus man.

# 4: Taurus Wants To Keep Everything Slow And Steady

A Taurus man is slow and steady; they enjoy taking their time with everything. And they aren’t ruled by their emotions, which means even if something hurts them, they won’t always show it. They like to keep things simple in all aspects of their lives. They don’t want to be surrounded by a lot of people or a variety of different experiences.

In order to keep them interested, you have to show them you can offer them something simple and real, without too many extremes. Virgo is an extremely intelligent sign that has a hard time being patient with the people around them sometimes, and this can be a challenge for the Virgo girl. But when they need someone they can truly rely on, and someone they can feel connected to, the love compatibility for the Virgo woman Taurus man looks favorable.

# 5: They Both Love To Help Others… But Get Their Feelings Hurt Easily

Both the Virgo woman and Taurus man enjoy helping the ones they love. They’re both very reliable people, and they enjoy it when the people around them are feeling content and secure. If this is a person that they care about, then both Zodiac signs will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy.

Similarly, the Virgo woman and Taurus man can have a problem with being overly critical of themselves, yet very few people get to see this side of them. Instead, they both tend to bottle up their feelings because they don’t want to hurt anyone else.

Taurus men are also known for having a hard time saying no when someone asks them to do something. They have a very generous nature and want to please everyone they meet, so if someone is asking for help, it can be difficult for a Taurus man to refuse.

# 6: Virgo Can Be Controlling At Times

This can be a major problem in any relationship, no matter the sign. But seeing as the Taurus man and Virgo woman can be extremely stubborn at times, one person needs to give up control in order for things to work.

Virgos are often reluctant to let go of control because they think their way is the best way in most cases. This can make them appear controlling to others, especially when they’re in a relationship with someone who actually wants to make decisions, too.

Taurus is one of the most stubborn Zodiac signs (and they can be quite bull-headed). Virgos need partners who know how to bend a little in order for things to work out smoothly, but if the Taurus lover can learn to compromise as well, then they can be a very good match for each other.

# 7: Taurus Needs Someone To Be Dependable

The Taurus man is a very grounded individual. In fact, he’s likely the most secure of all the earth signs and needs a partner who can be just as dependable as them. A Taurus man needs an anchor in their life, and they need to know the person they’re with will be there for them even when times get tough. These are qualities that the Taurus finds attractive about the Virgo.

Virgo is a very practical sign, and in this regard, they can be very compatible with Taurus. They’re practical people who want to be sure the person they care about will be there for them too.

# 8: Virgo Is A Hard Worker Who Can Be Overly Critical Of Themselves

Virgo women usually work hard and aren’t afraid of putting in long hours when something needs to get done. They understand the power of work ethic when it comes to achieving their goals, and this is something that a Taurus man is very attracted to.

Furthermore, Taurus is a very loyal sign and can be supportive when needed. They will do anything to provide for their loved ones and prove they’re worthy of their affection and love. This is good news for the Virgo female, who will often be too hard on herself. A Virgo woman wants to know she’s done her best, and if she can’t do something perfectly then she will force herself to keep trying until it’s the way that she wants it.

This is can be an excellent match for both signs. Virgo has the knowledge and the skills of putting something new together, while a Taurus man has the tools necessary to make it happen.

# 9: When It Comes To Money…

Virgos are people who understand money is something that needs to be taken care of, so it’s something they’ll often be careful with.

Taurus can be very frugal with their money as well, but they often like to spoil the people they love (and themselves occasionally), but some of their purchases can be seen as unnecessary and extravagant by others. Virgos are willing to let their other half have freedom when it comes to money, but they also want Taurus to understand it’s important for them not to be reckless.

# 10: Virgo Can Be Overly Judgmental

Virgos can sometimes be too critical of other people. They don’t always mean to be, but they’re always looking for the most efficient way to get something done, and they want others to adhere to these rules as well.

A Taurus man can be very stubborn sometimes, so this is where problems arise when it comes to boundaries. They both tend to think there’s only one correct way of doing things, and it can be an area where Taurus man Virgo woman love compatibility will be tested.

Of course, this is a good thing for Taurus to know about Virgo from the get-go. They need to lead more, but they also need to understand that not everyone is going to follow their rules at all times. This can be a difficult problem for both signs, but it’s also something that can bring them closer together in the end if they learn how to compromise with one another.

# 11: Virgo Needs To Be Treated With Love And Respect

Virgos are very practical people, but they can also be insecure on a deeper level, even though they’ll hide it on the surface. So they need to know the person who loves them will treat them with love and respect no matter what.

A Taurus man is a very loyal character, and the person they love will always be at the forefront of their mind, so they’ll often find they can support each other when it counts. It’s ideal if the Taurus man can show they care about Virgo in a way that shows them how important they are in Taurus’s life.

If they do this, then a relationship between a Taurus man and a Virgo woman can be the best thing that ever happened to either person with this Zodiac sign.

# 12: Virgo Is Very Responsible (And Taurus, Too)

Virgo women usually have very strong values, and they aren’t going to do anything that goes against them. They’re responsible when it comes to the things that matter most in their lives, and this is something a Taurus man can understand, and indeed, the Taurus man appreciates these qualities greatly.

The Taurus man knows how important it is for family and friends to be taken care of when needed. Virgo can be a little overbearing sometimes, but they always think about the big picture which is something that Taurus values as well. It’s good if the Virgo woman can remember Taurus is just as responsible as they are when it comes to the things that matter most in life, although they may go about things a little differently.

# 13: Virgo Needs To Let Taurus Be Themselves

The Taurus man isn’t afraid of expressing his opinions. He can seem a little stubborn and near-sighted to some, but he most likely won’t care what other people think about him that much. Often, a Virgo woman just wants a Taurus man to express his opinions in a way that’s more accessible for others.

This is something that these two earth signs need to remember about one another. A Taurus man isn’t going to change who he is, and Virgo needs to respect this a lot more than they may want to at first. But if these two can learn how to compromise with one another and come to a better understanding, then the chances of a long-lasting relationship between them go up exponentially.

# 14: Virgo Needs To Let Taurus Take The Lead

Taurus is a patient sign, but they also know when it’s time to take the lead. They do their best work when they have someone by their side that’s capable of understanding what needs to be done and taking care of business.

A Virgo woman can sometimes feel like she needs to step up and take the reigns in many areas of her life, but this will only cause problems in a relationship with a Taurus man. Instead, they just need to let their lover be who they are and not try to change them.

This can be hard for a Virgo woman because she may like a certain structure. But if she wants the relationship between them to work, she’ll need to remember this important aspect about them. Taurus needs someone who can be there for them and let them but lets them do what makes sense for their own lives.

# 15: Virgo Needs To Trust They’re Important To Taurus

A Taurus man may seem like he doesn’t care about those around him sometimes, but the truth is he does… but just doesn’t always share it in the way you might like.

Virgo women can sometimes feel like their lover doesn’t care about what they want or how they feel, but this is rarely the case in reality. The Taurus man is a very loving person who will always appreciate everything Virgo does for them, even if he forgets to show it.

# 16: Virgo Needs To Empathize With Taurus

Taurus can come across as rough around the edges sometimes, but this doesn’t mean they’re heartless. They’re often just very guarded people who’ve had to protect themselves for so long.

Virgos need to remember this whenever Taurus needs space or isn’t being their usual self. They just need a little time alone to process their emotions, and a Virgo woman needs to be patient with them during this time. As long as the Virgo woman can remember this about their lover, the chances of having a happy relationship between these two signs goes way up.

# 17: Taurus May Need To Give Up Some Control

Taurus men value their independence more than anything, but they also value having someone they can love and cherish. A Virgo woman needs to remember this about the Taurus man, and they may also need to be willing to give some of their own independence at times, too.

This is hard for a Virgo woman because she likes having everything in order in her own way. But if she wants to make her relationship with a Taurus man work, learning to relax and let go at times will help them both. A Virgo woman may benefit from asking for a little help from time to time, and it won’t hurt her independence if she asks for this help. In fact, it can only strengthen the relationship between these two earth signs.

# 18: Taurus Needs To Open Up About Their Feelings

A Taurus man is a very giving person when he feels his lover needs him, but he can somewhat be closed off at other times. This only leads to problems in the relationship if neither the Virgo woman nor Taurus man isn’t willing to open up about their feelings.

A Virgo woman needs to understand that a Taurus man has many layers to who they are as a person, and they need someone who’s willing to look at these layers with understanding. This can be difficult for a Virgo woman if their lover doesn’t seem like they want to talk about what’s going on in their lives all the time, but once a Taurus man does open up things can work out perfectly.

# 19: Taurus Needs Someone Who’s Patient With Them

A Taurus man is a reliable person who can be counted on to accomplish their goals and do what needs to be done, but they can be a little slow when it comes to certain things, too. A Virgo woman needs to know a Taurus man is a patient person, but they also need someone who understands their limitations and can work with them rather than become critical in any way.

This may not come easy for a Virgo woman because she values efficiency so highly, but time spent working on this relationship will be well worth it when it comes to Taurus and Virgo compatibility.

# 20: Virgo Needs To Overcome Their Fear Of Rejection

Virgo women are great givers, but they get hurt too easily when their lover doesn’t give them what they need. They have to understand that Taurus will not be able to do this always, particularly if you’re relying on him to “intuit” what that is.

Virgos can often let their fear of rejection get in the way of even trying to make a relationship work with Taurus, but if they can overcome this feeling then things will be smooth sailing for these two earth signs, especially when both the Virgo woman and Taurus man find a way to communicate openly and honestly with each other.

The compatibility between Virgo and Taurus can be great if both people are willing to work on what’s most important to them while also being in the relationship. By understanding these two need different things from each other, they can come together to make a happy relationship.

# 21: Taurus Needs To Let Virgo Guide Them Sometimes

A Taurus man is a very logical person who doesn’t waver from the course they’ve set, but this can be a little difficult for those around them because of their stubbornness. A Virgo woman needs to understand that the Taurus man isn’t trying to upset anyone by doing things this way, it’s simply in his nature to do what he thinks is right.

This can be a little tough for a Virgo woman who has a similar mentality themselves, as they might not want to alter the plan they’ve created. Fortunately, a Taurus man can learn to compromise in this area and will let the Virgo influence them when it counts. Often, the Taurus man simply needs someone who understands where he’s coming from, and they need someone who’s willing to guide them down the path that makes the most sense.

# 22: Taurus Wants Someone Who Will Let Them Be Independent

Taurus is a very independent sign who likes being able to take care of themselves without having to depend on anyone else. This can be difficult for a Virgo woman at times, particularly if she wants to take care of her lover and make sure that everything is going well.

The best thing for a Virgo woman to do in this situation is let the Taurus man know there’s nothing wrong with taking care of one’s self, and you’re happy to give them the independence they crave. Once this gets through to them, a Taurus man will be able to let the Virgo woman take over and help them out if they need it, but they won’t have to depend on Virgo completely.

# 23: Virgo Needs Someone Who Can Make Them Laugh

The Virgo woman tends to be very logical, with a serious approach to life. They have a tendency to take things very seriously, and this can make them seem a little dry at times. With this in mind, it’s helpful if she’s with a Taurus man who gets her sense of humor and can help her lighten up when necessary.

Fortunately, the Taurus man is someone who’s willing to let themselves go and have some fun once in a while, and Virgo will enjoy being around someone with a sense of humor that matches their own.

Virgos don’t see anything wrong with their own personalities (and there isn’t!) but Taurus might think they’re a little routine and unimaginative at times, especially if there’s a lack of spontaneity in the relationship. If the Virgo woman wants to make this relationship work then they need to be willing to let themselves get out of their comfort zone and have some fun every once in a while.

# 24: Taurus Can Learn From Virgo’s Knowledge

The Taurus man is usually a logical person who thinks things through before they make any drastic decisions, but sometimes this can hold them back from making the most out of life. There are times when taking a risk will pay off big time, and a Taurus man would benefit by listening to what a Virgo woman has to say when it comes to taking a risk in a smart way.

In many cases, the Virgo woman has a lot of knowledge they can share with a Taurus man, and this information will be very beneficial for them. Virgo knows when to take risks and when not to, and Taurus needs their help in this department.

# 25: Taurus Is Strong, but Virgo Can Help With Personal Weaknesses

A Taurus is a very strong person who has the power to make things happen in their lives, but sometimes they can struggle with their own personal weaknesses. They will benefit greatly from having someone around them who they really trust, and this is why they need a Virgo woman in their life.

Virgos are great at helping out when it comes to personal problems, and they will be a great support system for Taurus. This is why these two signs make such great friends as well… because they can help each other when it comes to personal matters.

# 26: Virgo Can Be a Great Motivator for Taurus

The Taurus man is already a very motivated person who always has something they’re striving for, but sometimes they can lose their focus. Having someone around who will motivate them and give them the push they need to keep going is something the Virgo woman can provide, and it will ultimately benefit them both.

What’s more, the Virgo woman is usually a great motivator because she will push the Taurus man in the right direction without overwhelming them. A Taurus needs someone who knows how to give good advice when it comes to motivating themselves, and that’s exactly what Virgo does, without smothering them.

The bottom line is that Virgo and Taurus have a lot of things in common, and these two signs go hand in hand, because they both know what they stand for and will always be there to support the other in these ways.

# 27: Virgo Wants Taurus To Be Someone They Can Look Up To

Virgos have a tendency to be perfectionists, and they will only accept the best from a person. They need someone who will be able to meet their high expectations, and Taurus is perfect for that because they want the same thing in a relationship.

Taurus wants to be with someone who can push them forward and motivate them when it comes to everything. If Virgo can help Taurus become the best version of themselves then they’ll be able to meet all of Virgo’s expectations, as well as become the person they truly want to be. There’s no doubt these two signs make great friends and partners because the only thing they want from their relationship is to see each other grow and become better people.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the Taurus man and Virgo woman are both very independent and know what they want from life, but when these two come together in a friendship or in a relationship it will usually be for the best.

These two Zodiac signs have so much to offer when it comes to their partnership because they can learn so much from each other when it comes to personal growth. They’re also great motivators for each other because they know how to push the right buttons in order to get the best out of their partner.

This is why Virgo female and Taurus male are such a great match when it comes to friendship, and in love, there’s nothing better than two people who can support each other to become the best versions of themselves while they’re moving forward in life together.


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